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Is TJ Ott Married? Here's What to Know About His Relationship in 2021

Published Tue Mar 02 2021 By Bran
Is TJ Ott Married? Here's What to Know About His Relationship in 2021

Grab all the details regarding the married life and romantic history of television personality TJ Ott.

Timothy James Ott aka TJ Ott is a recognized personality in the showbiz sector, despite being a fisherman by profession. Regardless of working in the non-glamorous profession throughout his life, his fortunes started to change once he started featuring in 'Wicked Tuna.' Having appeared in the National Geography reality series since 2013, he became a household name for the regular television viewers, who love his adventurous persona. 

TJ Ott garnered immense fame from his presence in front of the presence. In front of the cameras, you could see his adventurous personality that is the main reason for his thousands of global fan-base. Perhaps that might be one reason why TJ's personal and romantic life has been a matter of great interests. People have been extremely curious to know whether the National Geography star is whether married to anyone or dating any girlfriend. Stay right here as we bring you all the exclusive details.

Rumors On TJ Ott's Married Life Is False

TJ Ott caught on camera after just catching a fish.

TJ Ott's rumors of marrying a woman named Kristin was false.
Photo Source: Me For World

Yes, you heard it precisely. TJ Ott's romantic life has been the interest of many of his followers in the recent times. Interestingly, a few years ago, there are several reports regarding his love life, which disclosed on how the commercial fisherman is a married man. 

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The captain of 'Hot Tuna' TJ Ott was rumored to be married to a gorgeous woman called Kristina Doellman. In fact, his partner is popular as Kristin that lives in Illinois. The reports regarding his married life were far-fetched and went trending that got Ott surprised and shocked as well.

TJ Ott in a blue t-shirt poses for a picture.

TJ Ott prefers to hide the details regarding his love life.
Photo Source: Reality Star Facts

It was a big reveal when TJ Ott later opened up regarding his low-profile love life, by saying how he wasn't married, and was never in a relationship with anyone named as Kristin. It was a big co-incidence on the origin of the false rumors as a woman named Kristina was actually married to a husband with the same name of TJ Ott. The whole story on the marriage of the fisherman went in vain, and was poised to derail his fanbase. 

TJ Ott's Romantic Life Under The Radar

TJ Ott in left and Merm in right.

TJ Ott and Marissa 'Merb' McLaughlin were dating each other in the past.
Photo Source: Meaww

Fisherman TJ Ott might not have been married, but that doesn't rule out on his dating history. Regardless of all the fame he has got in the recent years, the TV personality prefers to keep his personal life in a low-profile. Not many know who Ott is dating a girlfriend in the recent times or is married. Well, as per his social media profiles and his online reports, TJ is either single, or in a relationship with a mystery woman in a well-keeped secret.

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In the past, TJ Ott was actually dating a fellow co-artist named Marissa 'Merb' McLaughlin. His former girlfriend was a reputed figure herself and the pair crossed paths from their appearances in 'Wicked Tuna.' Despite a professional relationship the two had, the former lovers didn't let any of it hamper their love life. In fact, they were dating each other back in June 2020 i.e. around the seventh season of 'Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.' 

In the recent times, the affair that TJ Ott shares with Merm is a mystery as they are rarely seen in public or in their online handles. 

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