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Is Jackie Redmond Married? Does She Have a Husband? All the Facts About her Dating Life Here!

Published Wed Nov 13 2019 By Travis
Is Jackie Redmond Married? Does She Have a Husband? All the Facts About her Dating Life Here!

Is journalist Jackie Redmond married? If so, who is her spouse? Get all the information about her private life!

Jackie Redmond is a sports show host who made her career in NHL & MLB Network after making her name in Canadian sports broadcasting. Her personality was the main reason anyone who lay eyes on her and heard her talk on the NHL Now show became a fan.

The fact Jackie is beautiful is an added bonus when you hear her talk and come to know how much she is educated about sports and hockey, especially. Bred into her from an early age, the love for the game of hockey was something she grew into due to her father, Steve Redmond.

Now, all those years of sitting with her father and watching games and the journalism degree from Guelph-Humber University is coming full circle as she puts people on the spot and dazzles the people in the studio and at home with her amazing knowledge of the game of hockey. But watching and talking sports isn’t the only she does on a daily basis; a person needs an equal amount of work and personal life, and Jackie manages to find time for her special someone in her busy schedule.

Is Jackie Redmond Married?

Jackie Redmond is a married woman and is in a marital tie with her boyfriend turned husband, Emmett Blois. Her partner Emmett is a Canadian gym owner who is a former "Big Brother" contestant.

Jackie Redmond and Emmett Blois

WWE talk show host Jackie Redmond is married to Emmett Blois.
Source: Jackie Redmond's Instagram (@jackieredmond)

The NHL Now host joked from time to time about how she came to know about sports so much by saying she picked some things up from her ex-boyfriend. But for the longest time, she was never opening up about her relationship and who she was dating at the moment. Then, things changed a little after the start of the new year when a new man started popping up on Jackie’s Instagram profile.

Jackie Redmond and her spouse Emmett Blois are in a relationship.

Jackie Redmond and Emmett Blois have been married for a while now. 
Source: Jackie Redmond's Instagram (@jackieredmond)

Emmett was the man who started to appear on Jackie’s Instagram page, and he also started posting about the two calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend. The first time the two posts about each other were on 1 May 2019. when they both shared an image of the two attending a wedding for Emmett’s friend.

They also started to share a lot of images of the two, getting close and being intimate with one another. About two weeks after the wedding photo, the couple was seen hiking, and he was lifting her up to kiss her. All the photos signaled the two are extremely in love, and the last time the duo posted about each other was on 30 September, and they were sharing a subway sandwich.

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Finally, they spilled the beans and a year later, they both walked down the aisle and committed to one another in front of their close ones in September 2021. 

How's Jackie Redmond's Married Life Going On?

Jackie Redmond and Emmett Blois are newlyweds. The couple seems to be in love, and they care for one another, this is not their first relationships, but they appear to be mature enough now to know a good thing when they see one. Jackie and Emmett are perfect for one another, and we cannot stress this enough about how cute they look together.

Emmett and Jackie are married.

Emmett and Jackie are husband and wife.
Source: Jackie Redmond's Instagram (@jackieredmond)

No news of child is in the picture at the moment. The two are together for almost two years now, and as things stand it looks for good so far. Well, hopefully, it will be so in the days to come! 

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