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Is Nelly Married? Who is his Wife? All Details on his Romantic Life

Published Tue Feb 01 2022 By Tashipalmo
Is Nelly Married? Who is his Wife? All Details on his Romantic Life

Inside Nelly's dating life: The rapper is a doting father of four children! 

Nelly is a renowned artist in the 90s with three Grammys and nine Billboard music awards. But, his days of fame and ovation are now a long-gone story. Also, a singer and entrepreneur, Nelly's contributions to hip-hop and R&B music are immense. His debut album, Country Grammar, and the following album, Nellyville, made him one of the top-charting rappers.   

Born Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, on November 2, 1974, in Austin, Texas, he first ventured into his career by forming the hip-hop group St. Lunatics in 1993 but opted for a solo career in 2000. Cornell's influence and prowess grew until several misdemeanor charges gripped the rapper, including sexual abuse. Soon the said allegations led to his fall. Nelly is a father of four but has remained unwed all his life.  

Inside rapper Nelly's romantic life! Is Nelly Married?

Back in the day, Nelly's popularity was skyrocketing by the day. But even amidst the growing curiosity among his fans about his personal life, he kept the aspect of his life pretty much a secret. Until Nellyville, a reality television that chronicled Nelly's personal life revealed some bombshell truths about the rapper's life. And no, Nelly isn't married.

Nelly and Shantel Jackson were in a relationship for seven year.
 Nelly and Jackson have been in a high-profile relationship since 2014.
 Photo Source: Instagram

The reality series unveiled the familial ties the rapper had offscreen. Nellyville showed the rapper as a caring father of four and an affectionate boyfriend to actress Shantel Jackson, who stood by the Dilemma singer in the turbulent time of his life. They remained iconic long-time partners until last year.   

Fans were taken aback when Nelly and Jackson started dating in 2014. When the duo revealed their split in July 2021, fans could not believe it. In late 2020, Nelly spoke about the possibility of engagement while calling Shantel "the one."  But things between the rapper and his flame came to a screeching halt seven years after the start of their romance.

Shantel Jackson revealed she and Nelly broke up on Instagram!

The shocking news of the pair's split came via Instagram. A fan asked Jackson if she and the rapper were still together, and the Freelancer actress responded with, "No, we're not, just friends."  


But for what it is worth, the estranged couple still maintains an amicable relationship. The Dilemma hitmaker once revealed how Jackson supported him when he competed in Dancing with the Stars season 29. 

Looking at Nelly's relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jackson, in retrospect, Nelly says being friends first helped them maintain their spark for a long time. Together, they have no kids.

Who are Nelly's children?   

Nellyville showcased the rapper, Nelly, as a proud father of four kids. But it was soon revealed that only two were his biological children. Nelly's children, Cornell III, aka Tre, and daughter Chanelle aka Nana, were raised alongside their cousins, Sydney and Shawn, Nelly's sister's children.

Rapper Nelly is a father of four kids.
Nelly's daughter is an aspiring singer and entrepreneur.
Photo Source: Instagram

  The rapper took his niece and nephew in when his sister tragically passed due to leukemia. Nelly's sister, Jackie Donahue, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001 and succumbed to the disease in 2005. 

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur shared a special bond with his sister. After her death,  Nelly refused to talk about her for a long time. Nelly later recalled being enraged when he heard the news. Nelly didn't think twice and immediately assumed the legal custody of his sister's kids.  

"That's what family is there for. We pick up the pieces, and we mold each other and help shape each other," 

Nelly shares a special bond with his daughter Chanelle, better known as Nana, out of his four children. Nelly's daughter is an aspiring singer and entrepreneur.   

Nelly has an estimated net worth of $7 million.
The rapper, Nelly, assumed legal custody of his nephew and niece after his sister passed. 
Photo Source: Instagram

The last time we heard about Nelly's son, Tre, he was an avid footballer in his high school. The guy is off the spotlight these days. Nelly's nephew Shawn is a Youtuber and his niece Sydney is an aspiring model and a mother to one. The Just a Dream singer hasn't disclosed his children's mother's identity.  

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