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Did 'Spider-Man' Star Jacob Batalon Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

Published Sat Sep 04 2021 By Tashipalmo
Did 'Spider-Man' Star Jacob Batalon Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

Jacob Batalon Reveals Massive Weight Loss: Here's How He Did it! 

Most recall him as Peter Parker's chubby friend Ned in the Marvel movie Spider-man: Homecoming. But Jacob Batalon is no longer the pudgy boy you remember him as. The actor recently flaunted his notable weight loss on Instagram, and fans are going gaga over it. Batalon has reprised his sidekick role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: End Game. 

Batalon is a Filipino-American actor, born on October 9, 1996, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Apart from MCU hero films, Batalon also holds credits in North Woods, Every Day, Banana Split, and Blood Fest. Revealing a full-body mirror selfie, Batalon stuns his fans and co-stars. Learn more ahead.  

Did Jacob Batalon Lose 102 lbs?   

Batalon has raised the bars for other actors; though the actor has been documenting his weight transformation for a while, fans have seen a tremendous loss in the last couple of months. It is reported that the actor has quickened the process for a role.   

Jacob Batalon underwent weight loss for a role.

 Batalon reveals massive weight ahead of his upcoming movie. 
Photo Source: Happy Living Pro

Batalon will be starring in the upcoming third Spider-Man movie. Though he didn't reveal it himself, looking at his before and after pictures, it is speculated that Jacob has lost a whopping 102 pounds. While the massive weight transformation has brought him much plauds, it has also sparked surgery rumors.   

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Did Batalon achieve the result via bypass or sleeve surgery? The Spider-Man refuses to succumb to the baseless speculations. He denies going through any surgical procedure and says he has done it with rigorous diets and workout sessions.   

Jacob Batalon is best known as Ned in Spider-Man movies.

 "People can finally stop telling me to lose weight," Jacob. 
Photo Source: GMA Network

Showing off a significant weight loss last year, Jacob wrote, "Ned just wanted to stop and say hi." The actor later flaunted his biggest weight drop so far. Sharing a snap of his slender physique, Bataln wrote, "People can finally stop telling me to lose weight." Sources have revealed Jacob's routine consists of cardio, running, and a protein-packed diet.  

Batalon to Lead His Own Show!    

Batalon is reprising his role in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home; Tom Holland and Zendaya headline the movie. Directed by Jon Watts, it is scheduled to release on December 17. Batalon, however, has a greater project he is looking forward to. The Spider-Man franchise veteran is set to headline a series.   

Jacob Batalon is reprising his role in upcoming Spider-man movie.

 Batalon will play the protagonist in an upcoming thriller series. 
Photo source: Movie Web

As reported by Deadline, Jacob will play the main character in the upcoming project, Reginald Vampire; the title is tentative and may change in the future. Based on the best-selling book series Fat Vampire by Johnny B. Truant, Batalon will be portraying the protagonist Reginald Baskin.   

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Deadline further reports, the upcoming series has received a straight to series 10-episodes order. The much-anticipated project has Peyton as its showrunner and Jeremiah Chechik, Lindsay Macadam, and Todd Berger as its executive producers.   

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