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Lane Kiffin's Weight Loss: All the Details Here

Published Thu Aug 19 2021 By Tashipalmo
Lane Kiffin's Weight Loss: All the Details Here

Lane Kiffin Reveals How Much Weight He Has Lost: A Look Into the Football Coach's Weight Loss Journey!   

The head coach at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss Rebels), Lane Kiffin, previously worked as the offensive coordinator for the USC Trojans football team. Kiffin's stellar coaching resume also includes a year in the NFL's Oakland Raiders. He had a short playing career as a quarterback.  

Lane Monte Kiffin was born May 9, 1975, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Formerly known as the youngest head coach in modern NFL history, until coach Sean McVay won over the title, Kiffin's career spans nearly two decades. Recent pictures of Kiffin showed a notable weight loss, the 46-year-old coach says he did for his team. The head coach reportedly lost 30 pounds.  

Lane Kiffin Opens About Recent Weight Loss!

Ole Miss coach believes in practicing what he preaches. Kiffin says he decided to undergo a weight transformation after seeing a picture of himself at the bowl game last year. "I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer and the deer got stuck in its neck," Kiffin humorously tells ESPN.   

Lane Kiffin is head coach of Ole Miss Rebel.

 "I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer," says Lane Kiffin. 
Photo Source: FauowLaccess

After the bowl, the coach dropped 30 pounds in the off-season. After his successful venture, Kiffin encouraged his assistant coaches and trainees to do the same. "Here I am in post meetings in January telling my offensive lineman and other guys that they need to eat better and lose weight," he added.     

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The Lincoln-born coach says he was embarrassed seeing his father, Monte, was fitter than him in his 80s. "My dad's 81, and still looked great, and there I was," says the now 30 pounds lighter coach. Kiffin kickstarted his journey by going on a strict diet. He began yoga and pilates over the off-season.    

Lane Kiffin underwent a weight loss journey after the bowl game.

 Kiffin encourages players and colleagues to eat better and lose weight. 
Photo Source: Bleacher Report

A former advent runner, Lane took up the hobby once again. He weighed 245 pounds during the bowl game; the 6-foot-3 tall coach now weighs nearly 210. Matt Corral, the starting quarterback, applauds Kiffin's transformation. "It just makes us more disciplined and helps us buy into the values and principles of the organization," Corral told ESPN.  

Ole Miss Football Program, '100% Vaccinated', Says Kiffin!   

The 46-year-old coach is preaching accountability. Kiffin says his commitment to his team is well reciprocated, and their effort heartens him. Kiffin reveals a 100% vaccination rate among his coaches, players, staff members, and everybody within the program.    

Lane Kiffin advocates vaccination against Covid 19.

Kiffin is proud that the team is 100% vaccinated. 
Photo Source: The Hill

Lane says he urged his assistant coaches in each position to take it upon themselves and make sure all players are vaccinated against the covid 19. The coach believes it will be a special season for his Ole Miss Rebels team; he says the players' willingness to get jabbed and push each other to do so proves it.   

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Currently divorced and father to three, Lane adds, "Its irresponsible to not get vaccinated." As the vaccination rate in the Sec country is still lagging, Kiffin and other coaches like Nick Saban remain hopeful that the college athletes will set an example for the larger section of the state.  

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