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James 'Arg' Argent Reveals His Incredible Eight Stone Weight Loss, Details Here

Published Wed Oct 13 2021 By Tashipalmo
James 'Arg' Argent Reveals His Incredible Eight Stone Weight Loss, Details Here

James Argent's Impressive Weight Loss Journey: All Details Here! 

Several stars choose to flex their weight loss, and some like to keep it low. In James Argent's case, the television personality has taken much glee in showing off his incredible weight loss. James is best known for the reality series; The Only Way Is Essex. He has also appeared in other reality series like Sugar-Free Farm and The Jump. 

Born on 5 December 1987, in Waltham Forest, London, Argent started as a cast member of ITVBe series The Only Way is Essex, gradually making his first pantomime appearance in the production of Cinderella as Dandini. Argent's second pantomime appearance came as Abanazar in Aladdin. The  ITVBe 's alum was recently spotted flaunting a new look.

James Argent Reveals Eight Stone Weight Loss!  

The 33 years old television personality looked over the moon as he entertained the crowd at Elliot Wright's restaurant Olivia's in Marbella. Argent's shrunk physique soon sparked the curiosity as to how much weight he had lost. And the answer is a whopping eight stone.   

James Argent is best known for  The Only Way Is Essex.

 Argent had gained 27 stones during the pandemic. 
Photo Source: Mirror

The former Towie star gained crazy weight during the pandemic. He reportedly weighed  27 stones (378 lbs). Unlike many who undergo weight change to assuage their career demands, Argent took the step because he needed to. James was told the consequences could be fatal if he didn't shed some pounds.    

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But obesity wasn't the only factor that was ruining Argent's lifestyle. Earlier, the star had revealed his cocaine addiction. "
He told the Sun, "the core of my addiction stems from my eating disorder. I binge on food if I hate the way I look," he further adds, "It's like the opposite of anorexia. I eat when I'm not even hungry." 

James Argent says he suffered from eating disorder and cocaine addiction.

Argent thinks his eating disorder was the root of his immense weight gain. 
Photo Source: Mirror

After deciding to turn his life around, James underwent a lifesaving sleeve gastrectomy procedure in April 2021. The surgery helped him drop 5.5 stones in the beginning. Showing off his surgery scars and a tad slim body, James gave his fans an update in May 2021. He writes, "It is important that I continue to take good care of myself not just physically, but mentally as well."   

James Argent Sets New Weight Loss Goals!    

The Towie alum is relentlessly working towards achieving the desired physique. He has been closely working with the healthcare and well-being provider; We are Transform. In a post in June, Argent revealed he aims to shed some more pounds.  The star reportedly wants to be 'half the man he used to be.' 

 James wants to be 'half the man he used to be.' 
Source: The Morning

Argent wrote, "5 1/2 stone weight loss so far, thanks to the team @wearetransform who has been guiding me on how to integrate solids back into my diet. I aim to stick to nutritionally packed foods as part of a well-balanced diet to help me reach my weight loss goals.    

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The Sun reports, Argent has thrown all his XXL clothing to keep himself motivated. From being ashamed of his body, James, with the help of his weight loss journey, has also ventured into the journey of self-acceptance. Argent said, 'Now I'm in a place where I'm on this journey, I'm losing weight gradually and accepting the way I look now.' 

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