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What is Jame V. Reyes Net Worth? Find How Rich the Owner of Reyes Holding Is

Published Tue Oct 13 2020 By Kenshinpark
What is Jame V. Reyes Net Worth? Find How Rich the Owner of Reyes Holding Is

Here's what you should know about James V. Reyes' net worth in 2020.

James V. Reyes is one of the top business people in the United States. James is the owner of Reyes Holdings, LLC and he serves as the Director of Real Estate and Reyes Beer Division.

James Reyes is responsible for his family's real estate portfolio including 65 facilities and over six million square feet of office and distribution space in North America.

The business owner also looks after the acquisition and construction of all company's properties and is highly involved with its real estate financing. Apart from the wide areas he oversees, James Reyes primarily focuses on Reyes Beer division's business development activities.

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It's no surprise the Director of the company is also involved in real estate development and strategy. His company worths billions, but what is James Reyes' net worth in 2020?

James Reyes' Net Worth in 2020

It's pretty unclear how much James Reyes has, the exact figures were never made public. However, according to some reports, James Reyes' family owns the largest beer distributor in the country. 

Reyes Beverage Group is the largest food distributor to McDonald's, Martin Brower, and to the food distributor Reinhart Foodservice. Moreover, the company also signed a deal with Coca Cola in 2015.

james v. reyes net worth in 2020.

James V. Reyes has an estimated net worth of $4.3 billion as of 2020.
Photo Source: DC Policy

As of 2015, Reyes Holdings, LLC had an estimated net worth of $23.5 billion. The majority of ownership goes to Christopher Reyes and M. Jude Reyes. After them, David "Duke" Reyes, James Reyes, and Tom Reyes own the minority stake of the company.

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 But that was a long back, it's been already five years since the report was published. So as of 2020, it is expected, despite holding a minority stake on his family company, James V. Reyes has an estimated net worth of $4.3 billion.

James V. Reyes Bought a $12.5 Million Palm Beach House

Back in May of 2019, James V. Reyes made headlines when he bought a house in Palm Beach Island. The Director of the "Reyes Holdings" paid a hefty price for a waterfront Spanish Mediterranean style house on Palm Beach's Everglades Island.

According to the reports, the house was by a couple, Fred Barbara and his wife Lisa Humbert. The pair bought the house in 1998 and paid $3.267 million.

james v. reyes house in palm beach island.

The front door of 560 Island Drive faces the street, while the rear of the house overlooks the Everglades Golf Course.
Photo by

The report further suggests James bought the house at 560 Island Drive with Jennifer Ruth Blair as "tenants in common." Jennifer and James' house has six bedrooms and 8,148 square feet of living space. 

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