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Does Jane Slater Have a Husband? Details of Her Relationship History!

Published Thu Dec 12 2019 By Travis
Does Jane Slater Have a Husband? Details of Her Relationship History!

Jane Slater is a sports reporter and host who plied her trade in CBS network, while also appearing in NFL Network and Fox Sports 1. The sportscaster was made her career with her amazing sense of the sports of football and also her disarming charm, getting athletes to tell her things they would not divulge otherwise.

The lady from Texas was born on 7 November 1980 to her parents, who are still together after over 40 years of marriage. Jane was born in Texas, and from a pretty young age, she showed signs of being interested in sports. Most of her sporting prowess she got from her grandfather Ray Shockley who the sportscaster still cites as her inspiration.

Jane Slater is the a sportscaster born on 7 November 1980.

Jane Slater is the a sportscaster born on 7 November 1980.
Source: Instagram

In order to start her career in sports reporting, Jane enrolled in the University of Texas in 1999 and graduated with a double degree in Journalism and Government. After she was done with her education, she worked for ESPN as the sideline reporter for Texas Longhorn, the team of the University of Texas, Jane’s alma mater.

Jane also worked as a reporter for ESPN, where she took over the hosting job for College World Series and College Football Bowl Games. It was a seamless fit for Jane when it comes to reporting on sports. The sportscaster was also in conversation a lot because people wanted to know who she was dating, and recently the topic was breached again when Jane took to Twitter to talk about a funny way she found out about her ex cheating on her.

Jane Slater Ex-Boyfriend Cheating on Her: Learning About it Through His Fitbit

Yup! You head that right; Jane Slater found out about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her through the Fitbit they were wearing. A little back story to the whole thing, okay, so Jane Slater was in a relationship with a man, she did not reveal the name who or the time they were together.

Well, the whole topic of fitness equipment was broached after the controversial trailer for a Peloton exercise bike. People were not happy about the ad, and Twitter was filled with people giving and receiving fitness equipment as gifts during the Christmas season.

After a man replied, he gave his wife a Peloton last Christmas, and she was happy about it, to the tweet, Jane replied, “An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it. We synched up, motivated each other... didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4 am, and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app, wish the story wasn’t real.”

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That is one hell of an amazing way to find out someone is cheating on you. Jane also said she was heartbroken after finding about his cheating, but her friend told her about how funny it would be in the years to come. Jane did reveal it is way funnier now then it was before.

Is Jane Slater Married? Does She Have a Husband?

Jane Slater is extremely outgoing, and she is not shy to share about her life, but when it comes to sharing about her personal life. There is no one particularly close to the sportscaster who isn’t her family member, and there is no husband to speak of in her life.

Jane is also single, and there is no sign of a romantic partner on her Instagram or other social media pages. The sportscaster seems to be content with the way her life is going currently.

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