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Jason Alexander Weight Loss in 2021? Here's the Complete Detail

Published Wed Feb 10 2021 By Bran
Jason Alexander Weight Loss in 2021? Here's the Complete Detail

Grab all the details about the weight loss details about the television star Jason Alexander in this article.

You can easily differentiate the great ones from the rest, and Jason Alexander definitely falls under the first. The entire credits for that go to none other than himself as the veteran Seinfeld actor always kept his priorities straight to burn the midnight oil to grace the television audience with the best version of himself. 

To get himself in the perfect shape, the four-time Golden-Globe award winner did go on a weight-loss spree losing a great amount of bodyweight to further inspire and expand his fan-base. 

Most of the top celebrities and actors that started their career in the 1980s and are currently in their late fifties or sixties like Jason Alexander are struggling with physical health issues, that come from age. 

Only a few can keep themselves focused enough to track their health at this age which helped him to make the headlines again. The 61-year-old has proved to be a longtime servant for the television world featuring in 'Seinfeld' as George Costanza which helped him rise to the scene in the first place. 

Jason Alexander Managed To Lose Around 30 Pounds Weight

Jason Alexander's before and after picture.

Jason Alexander's lost around 30 pounds within a few weeks.
Photo Source: PK Baseline

Getting on the weight-loss train is something that most of the actors do, but not many can go the full distance and continue to pull it off. He started his weight-loss pursuits way back in the 2010s which led him to become the brand spokesperson for health brand, 'Jenny Craig.' 

The pressure was already on for the Seinfeld actor as the previous spokeswoman, Valerie Bertinelli managed to drop around 50 pounds for her bikini cover shot. Things were never going to be easy for Jason Alexander who was in his early fifties back then, but he did prove the haters wrong by achieving his target of losing 30 lbs. 

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 Jason Alexander did share a spicy relationship with the former spokeswoman, Valeria Bertinelli who did taunt him to get into a bikini or a 'mankini' as a joke.  As the sitcom artist was serious enough in his pursuits to get lighter, his efforts didn't go in vain. 

In fact, he even opened up on how getting the first ten pounds was relatively easy. His involvement with Jenny Craig was the absolute motivation and aid for the award-winning television personality to get things done.  

A before and after weight-loss picture of Jason Alexander.

Jason Alexander went on a strict diet and exercised a lot more to get lighter.
Photo Source: Journalistate

Alexander, who previously appeared in a guest role in 'Dream On' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' took the right steps to achieve his weight loss goal. The pivotal role was played by his dedication to taking on a strict diet. 

You would be fascinated to know how he cut his diet from 4,500 calories a day to 1,500-calories. The food menu took a drastic shift as well which involved more fruits and vegetables instead of the items with more fat and carbohydrate.

Jason Alexander's Weight-Loss Motivation Was His Son

Yes, Jason Alexander's source of motivation came from an unlikely side, and that was his fourteen-year-old (then) son. His adorable child, Noah added an emotional appeal when he asked whether the television star would be around when his son reaches the age of 50. It was that question that got him to realize the bad habits which had deteriorated his fitness. 

Jason Alexander poses a picture with his son.

Jason Alexander's weight-loss motivator was his son, Noah.
Photo Source: TV Series Finale

In a period of three months, Jason Alexander's obese life took a turn and he was no longer a fat old actor.  The face of Jenny Craig owed massive gratitude to the brand by saying, 'this has been good for me, it's made a big difference in my life.' 

His wife was also the one who added some negative motivation for the acting sensation as she said how Alexander might be humiliated if his weight loss journey fails as it does with most of them.

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