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Jason Kaplan's Wife: Learn About His Married Life

Published Sun Sep 12 2021 By shirayoky
Jason Kaplan's Wife: Learn About His Married Life

Learn about the Jason Kaplan wife: Inside the couple's life

Jason Kaplan is the executive producer for the Host-talk show, The Howard Stern. He has been part of the show for two decades. Due to the show's success, he's amassed quite a lot of fortune and fame.

Kaplan, the famed producer, was born on February 8, 1979, in Stanhope, New Jersey. Notably, his love life gains the most attention, and he is an executive producer for a famous radio show.

Who is Jason Kaplan Married to?

Jason Kaplan is married to his other half's business partner Janis Kaplan. On November 8, 2008, he married his longtime girlfriend, Janis. 

Jason Kapln is married to his long time girlfriend Janis Kaplan.
Jason Kaplan married his longtime girlfriend, Janis Kaplan.
Photo Source: Instagram

Only a few close ones attended their wedding; however, Notable guests who participated in the ceremony included Howard SternRobin QuiversGary Dell'Abate, and most of Stern's staff. Most of them gave a cheerful speech at the reception.

Despite staying married for over a decade, Jason and Janis haven't welcomed any kids. Moreover, Kaplan and his wife do share their lives with their followers. However, Janis does tend to try to lead a low-key life.

Jason Kaplan and his history with The Howard Stern Show!

Jason Kaplan is an executive producer for The Howard Stern Show and other shows. Kaplan's duties include writing the daily show rundown on the show's website and taking photos that appear alongside the daily rundown. He made his way to the top by having a vision from an early age for that particular show.

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In September 2007, Jason and HowardTV director Scott DePace engaged in an intense feud stemming from political differences that sparked many controversies. Kaplan is a re-known personality for Howard Stern (1994), Golden Winter (2012), and Howard Stern: Behind the Scenes (2011).

Jason Kaplan Dashed to the Hospital After Getting Extremely Ill

When the Howard Stern staff was having a dream-like dinner party, it suddenly became an absolute nightmare last year. After Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan got extremely ill, his co-workers were forced to rush him straight to the hospital.

Jason Kaplan rushed to hospital after having paralyzed due to food poisoning

Jason Kaplan was rushed to the hospital after getting paralyzed due to food poisoning.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Executive producer Gary Dell'Abate and his colleague Chris Wilding were also available at the event, which ended abruptly. Kaplan was paralyzed by what he believed was food toxication caused by a severe allergic reaction to crabs.

"It's like my whole body is rejecting myself," Jason described on Monday. "It's like everything feels the reverse of what it should feel. I'm sweating like I'm in the middle of the desert, and I'm shivering like I'm in Antarctica."

That night's event held many disappointments, but one person, Chris, seemed most annoyed that the unprepared trip to the hospital caused them to abandon dinner before slicing all the desserts. "You know the biggest tragedy of the night?" he explained. "There were black-and-white cookies, and Gary never got to have one."

Jason Kaplan Joins Nutrisystem For a Healthy Lifestyle!

Jason Kaplan struggled with his weight, and now he's ready to do whatever it takes to command his own body in his way, including joining Nutrisystem. "I'm already miserable about it," Kaplan admitted to Howard the last January. Kaplan also mentioned,

"He needs the Nutrisystem to readjust. He has been trying that routine of Nutrisystem recently, and He just got to the point where like, send me the food, tell me what to eat, and I will try to stick to this and wait for the result for changes."

Jason Kaplan Joins Nutrisystem

Jason Kaplan joins Nutrisystem to lose weight.
Photo source: Instagram

Executive producer Gary Dell'Abate indicated his own experiences in the program.

"Right now it's portion control, he warned," he also advised Jason before remembering the first meal collection he received back in the 1980s. "In his mind, in the box was a bunch of stuff to mix to make a giant pizza … it was a little pita about the area of a softball."

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Kaplan hopes to lose 100 pounds starting in the year 2021. Jason has gotten more sincere about his exercise procedure, working out on his elliptical machine at least three times a week. "Shockingly, he's been using it," he said proudly to his staff. 

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