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Who is Tim Tebow's Wife? Learn About His Married Life

Published Mon Aug 23 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Tim Tebow's Wife? Learn About His Married Life

Tim Tebow is Married to Former Miss Universe: Inside the Couple's Conjugal Life. 

A popular figure in his native Jacksonville, Tim Tebow, however, is facing a tough time in his restarted NFL career. Tebow last played in an NFL game in 2012; he spent the following years playing minor leagues baseball with the New York Mets organization.  

Tebow attempted to relaunch his NFL Career months ago but in vain. Jacksonville Jaguars released him after a brief stint. Tebow's married life has been stable and unproblematic, unlike his multifaceted career. Best known for his stellar college career and staunch Christian faith, Tim is currently married to a former Miss Universe.

Who is Tim Tebow's Wife?  

The Philippines-born quarterback didn't have much experience in romances. In fact, it is known that one of Tebow's very few ex-girlfriends, Olivia Culpo, had left him because of his virginity vow. The Heisman Trophy winner met his now-wife Demi-Leigh Nel Peters through his non-profit Tim Tebow Foundation in 2018.   

Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in January 2020.

 The pair tied the knots in Cape Town in January 2020. 
Photo Source: People

The couple hit it off immediately. "I've been waiting my entire life for someone special, who I can spend the rest of my life with," said the former NFL player. Demi-Leigh, 2017 Miss Universe pageant winner, and Tim tied the knots at La Paris Estate in Cape Town on January 20, 2020.   

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"We're both very traditional, we wanted to look back at the wedding and see that it was intimate, elegant, and traditional," the former Miss Universe told the People. The ceremony had elements of both American and South African cultures. The pair commemorated their first wedding anniversary in January.

Tim Tebow married 2017 Miss Universe pageant winner.

 "I've been waiting my whole life for someone special," says Tebow. 
Photo Source: Ale Tia

Nel-Peters, 26, is a South African model. The beauty queen has a bachelor's degree in business management and entrepreneurship from the North-West University. Like her philanthropist and philosophical husband, Nel seems to share quite the traits with him. Both of the pair are actively working towards philanthropy via Tim's several charitable foundations.   

Tebow and His Wife on their First Year of Married Life! 

The ongoing pandemic halted everyone's life and plans for good, but for the newly wedded couple, the period was as much of a blessing as it was an annoyance. Tim and Nel told ET that the sudden surge of the virus meant they couldn't enjoy their first married year to the fullest.   

Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters with their puppies..

Tebow and Nel-Peters are parents to three one-year-old puppies. 
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Due to various pending projects and the Covid-19, the pair said they couldn't travel and enjoy a day out, even during their wedding anniversary. But the former quarterback made up for it in his own way. On their wedding anniversary, Tebow gifted his wife with 365 roses. "They represented each day of our marriage, the good ones and the bad ones," says Nel-Peters.   

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The pair said they have their hands full with work and their three one-year-old puppies. They admitted that they do plan to have children someday in the future. "God willing, we would love to have a family some day, one day," Tebow told ET.  

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