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Jasper Breckinridge Johnson: Exploring the Life of Don Johnson's Talented Son

Published Wed Jan 10 2024 By Bsgurung
Jasper Breckinridge Johnson: Exploring the Life of Don Johnson's Talented Son

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, son of Hollywood icon Don Johnson, maintains a low profile amid his famous family's spotlight. The Johnsons, a Hollywood dynasty, have left an indelible mark for decades. Don Johnson, renowned for his roles in Knives Out and Miami Vice, debuted in the late 1960s. 

Eldest son Jesse and daughter Dakota, of 50 Shades of Grey fame, contribute to the family's acting legacy. Jasper's choice to remain out of the public eye distinguishes him from his celebrity relatives, adding a layer of mystery to the Johnson dynasty's Hollywood prominence.

Is Jasper Breckinridge Single or Dating? 

Jasper Breckinridge, being of a young age, maintains a discreet stance on his love life, choosing to live a low-key existence. There is no information available on his current relationship status, and he seems to relish his single life alongside his family. 

Don Johnson wife
Image: Don Johnson with his wife, Kelley Phleger at the event. Source: Twitter

Despite rumors of his singledom, Jasper's private nature leaves room for the possibility of a concealed relationship. 

While details about his romantic life remain elusive, his half-sister Dakota is known to be in a relationship with Chris Martin since October 2017. As for Jasper's other siblings, they are presently embracing their singlehood.

Parents Married in 1999

Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger, married for over two decades, first met at Mayor Willie Brown's 1996 birthday bash while Kelley was dating Gavin Christopher Newsom

They officially started dating in 1997, got engaged a year later, and tied the knot on April 29, 1999, at the Pacific Heights Mansion. The extravagant wedding, hosted by billionaires Gordon and Ann Getty, featured movie star Robert Wagner as the best man and Mayor Willie Brown as the officiator. 

The exclusive guest list of 75 included Hollywood's elite, making the event a lavish affair in the crème de la crème of the entertainment world.

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson Have Five Siblings

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson has five siblings, including two direct siblings and two step-siblings. The eldest, Jessie Wayne Johnson, born on December 7, 1982, is Don Johnson's son from a previous relationship, pursuing a career in acting with 22 credits. 

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson siblings
Image: Jasper Breckinridge Johnson with her family taking a picture. Source: Instagram

Dakota Johnson, born on October 4, 1989, is Don's renowned daughter with Melanie Griffith, achieving success as an actress and model with 37 acting credits and 11 awards. 

Atherton Grace Johnson, born on December 28, 1999, is Jasper's immediate older sister, focusing on a modeling career. The youngest is 17-year-old Deacon Johnson, born on April 29, 2006, and currently in the process of basic education.

Wonderful Relationship With The Family

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson maintains a strong bond with his parents, often seen accompanying his dad, the collegiate basketball player, at sporting events. 

Don Johnson, the proud father, regularly attends Jasper's basketball matches, displaying unwavering support. 

Similarly, Kelley, the devoted mother, takes pride in her children, frequently captured in photographs alongside Jasper and his siblings, showcasing her affectionate maternal role.

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson is Fond of Basketball

Despite making significant strides in both varsity and collegiate basketball, Jasper Breckinridge Johnson has openly stated that he harbors no aspirations of pursuing a professional career in the sport. Instead, he envisions his future in the realm of business. 

Nonetheless, he continues to enjoy his time on the basketball court, showcasing his skills in the shooting guard and point guard positions. Notably, Jasper recently participated in the Israel-Winner League, playing for Bnei Herzliya.

How Tall is Jasper Breckinridge Johnson? 

The 21-year-old celebrity possesses a charismatic personality, standing tall at 6 feet 7 inches and maintaining a weight of approximately 75 kg. 

With brown hair and captivating hazel eyes, he exudes an appealing presence. Although additional details and specific body measurements are currently unavailable, his striking physical attributes contribute to his overall charm.

Who is Jasper Breckinridge Johnson's Parents? 

Father, Don Johnson, born on December 15, 1949, is an iconic American actor, producer, and singer renowned for his versatile career spanning decades. 

With a breakthrough role in "Miami Vice" and notable performances in films like "Knives Out," Johnson has left an indelible mark on Hollywood, establishing himself as a celebrated entertainment figure. 

Mother, Kelley Phleger, hails from San Francisco, California, born on June 22, 1969. Kelley, a kindergarten teacher and University of California alum with a Fine Arts degree graduated from a San Francisco high school. Her parents are a lawyer and Jean Phleger.

How Old is Jasper Breckinridge Johnson Today? 

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson, born on June 6, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, is an American in his early twenties of White ethnicity. Growing up in Los Angeles, he attended local schools and excelled in basketball, particularly as a shooting guard and point guard, both in high school and collegiate levels. 

Jasper Breckinridge Johnson basketball
Image: Jasper Breckinridge Johnson after winning the title. Source: Instagram

Although specific institutions are undisclosed, he notably played for Santa Barbara High, contributing to a victory against San Marcos Royals in January 2020. 

Additionally, his five-year tenure with the West Coast Elite Under Armour team showcased his prowess on the basketball court during his formative years.

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