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Who is Jesus Condom? Some Facts You Should Know

Published Thu Dec 31 2020 By Bran
Who is Jesus Condom? Some Facts You Should Know

Grab all the exciting details regarding the famous Florida Man with a funny name, Jesus Condom.

Some of the world's most iconic and dramatic events occur in Florida,  and Jesus Condom adds to the list. The name itself is ironic, which falls in the category of one of the most hilariously inappropriate names of all time. If you think the name is poor in taste continue reading the article, as the deeds he performed are much worse.

It's been two years since a man named as pathetically as Jesus Condom disgraced the holy name by participating in a horrific crime. You would be surprised to know how the 28-year-old was once arrested for an attempt to abduct a girl. Stay here as we bring you all the intriguing and shocking details about the life of Jesus Condom.

Florida Man Jesus Condom Was Arrested

Jesus Condom kept on adding to the long list of some crazy Florida men. He continues to surprise the world with some shocking misdeeds.

Jesus Condom poses a picture at the jail.
Jesus Condom was arrested for an attempt to abduct a minor.
Photo Source: Twitter

 While some Florida man wearing gloves stole all the chicken wings at 7-Eleven last night, Condom broke into the news two years ago when he was arrested for an attempt to lure some children to his car.

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Condom first got the limelight, in not the most desirable ways in November 2020. He was taken to the police station by Sunrise police after a failed attempt to abduct a young girl. Well, nothing much was revealed regarding the intentions of the Florida native back then, but whatever it was, any attempt of abduction isn't appropriate at all.

It was a fine Wednesday morning when Jesus Condom, in his blue-green Honda Civic, pulled alongside Nob Hill Road in front of a 12-year-old middle school girl. The reports later disclosed how the young girl was walking to her school at 7:50 AM. 

The bad example of the name, Jesus, offered her a ride multiple times, despite the girl's persistent refusal. Condom even screamed and cursed at her, as per the schoolgirl's statement to the police. As the Florida man kept on intimidating her, she ran away to the police and was able to escape a horrific situation. 

Sunrise police found Jesus Condom and his car in the 7800 block of Northwest 44th Street, and the 12-year-old identified him as easy for him to get arrested. 

Jesus Condom's History To Lure Kids


Jesus Condom's reports didn't identify himself as a clean character as Sunrise Police disclosed how they were even investigating him on a similar event that occurred on November 7, 2018

Jesus Condom's young picture.
Jesus Condom attempted to lure three children in early November 2020.
Photo Source: The Telegraph

The incident was not much different as Condom urged three young girls from Village Elementary School to get into his car. However, the instance, the kids refused, and he drove off instead of annoying them persistently.

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Following the second abduction attempt of the 12-year-old girl, Condom was booked in Broward County jail for charges of attempted false imprisonment of a child younger than 13. Before that, he admitted that he was clean for a year.

Jesus Condom Went To Jail Before

The police station and the jail weren't a new place for Jesus Condom as he did commit several crimes like burglaries and armed burglaries. Surprisingly, his experience in prison led him to come up with a revelation on how he found god in prison. 

Jesus Condom caught on camera.

Jesus Condom once violated his probation.
Photo Source: Twitter

Jesus's prosecutor opened up on how Condom further had criminal charges of burglary and violation of probation. His earlier stay at the state prison ended with a release on March 31, 2017.

The court came up with the verdict on how he was a danger to the community and the young kids specifically. Since he was sent to jail, Condom was obliged to wear a GPS monitor and prohibit contact with minors in case of a potential bail.

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