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Who is Jimmy Garoppolo's Wife? Details of His Married Life

Published Sun Dec 22 2019 By Travis
Who is Jimmy Garoppolo's Wife? Details of His Married Life

Jimmy Goroppolo is on top of the world right now; the 49ers are currently holding the best record in the NFC and already locked up, at the least, a wild card playoff spot along with the Seahawks and the Packers. Jimmy was on and off all season long, but the defense was always there to hold everything up.

Still, for a player who came back from a season-ending injury last year, to currently be 12-3 is nothing short of extraordinary. The player definitely got some skills, as evident from the fact he’s had four TD games two times already this season. Though no one will be taking his name in the MVP conversation, the player is definitely MVP caliber with a little more consistency.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback for San Francisco 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback for San Francisco 49ers.
Source: The Mercury News

But the play on the field isn’t the only focus when it comes to Jimmy G; people are even more curious about the ladies around his arm. He is a handsome man, and most people want to know the person he is dating, but the player himself is hesitant about revealing personal information about himself and the lady he is dating. Still, there’ve been some pretty ladies in the life of Jimmy Garoppolo, but tying the knot or committing to a long term relationship doesn’t seem to be on the cards for the talented athlete.

Jimmy Garoppolo was in a Relationship with Alexandra King for a Little While

Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King were together for a while.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King were together for a while.
Source: Just Jared

In 2017 while Jimmy was still with the Patriots and backing up Tom Brady for another season, he was said to be dating a Boston model Alexandra King. The two were seen together on multiple occasions, and they were rumors at the time Alexandra was Jimmy’s girlfriend.

Well, the couple seemed to be confirming their relationship on Valentine’s Day in 2018 when she posted a photo of them together and writing the caption, “my valentine?” She deleted the picture soon after, but this seems to confirm they were in a cute little relationship for a while.

But things did not go well for the two after they seemingly broke up and went their separate ways. She did not take the break up well because after Jimmy suffered a season-ending injury in 2018, she wrote “karma” on her social media page. That is one sour girl you left there, Mr. Garoppolo, and she was not happy one bit about the whole situation.

Jimmy was seen with a Mysterious Girl in May of 2018

After the thing with Alexandra ended in heartbreak, mostly for her, Jimmy was hunting in California again. He was a single man and ready to get on with someone, then came the TMZ video of Jimmy showing off some major PDA with a mysterious blonde lady.

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The name of the girl was not revealed, but she was definitely into the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. The beautiful girl was leaning in to kiss and making kissy faces, but Jimmy was not ready for any of it; he just stood there talking to her for a while, and then they got close a little. Jimmy was not particularly interested in the lady, but she was all in with him, but this was the last time we saw those two together.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Adult Film Star Kiara Mia went on a Date

The new star quarterback of 49ers was making the headlines in the Bay area and later the national media when he was spotted sharing a dinner with the renowned adult film star Kiara Mia. She was not exactly the type of people 49ers wanted their players to be associated, and the date caused some stir in national media.

Some were praising the player (mostly men), but others did not like him dating an adult film star. Kiara later stated she was not good karma for the player because he got injured soon after their date, and she also made some excuses about it being a friendly dinner between the two.

So, you can see the player shoots his shot like most recently he did with Erin Andrews, but when it comes to committing to a long term relationship, he’s got $100 million in the bank and is still in his 20s, there is no rush whatsoever for the player to get in a committed relationship.

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