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Jinger Duggar of 'Counting On' Flaunts Her New Hair Style

Published Thu Feb 06 2020 By Kenshinpark
Jinger Duggar of 'Counting On' Flaunts Her New Hair Style

Jinger Duggar flaunted her new hairstyle on her Instagram.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Duggar's family daughter, Jinger Duggar, just styled her hair, which looks stunningly beautiful.

Apparently, Jinger Duggar just chopped her locks in time of Valentine's day. The 26-year-old cut off her long hair to rock a new short hairdo, and she looks beautiful.

Jinger Duggar new short hairdo.

Jinger Duggar flaunted her new shorter hair with curls.
Source: Jinger Duggar Instagram

The Duggar family daughter took to her Instagram to flaunt her new hairdo. The 26-year-old was seen wearing a blue top with khaki chinos, with a big smile on her face.

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And of course, her curl on shorter hair just looked perfect. The reality star said, her romantic holiday is the reason she got into the mood to try a new look.

On her picture, Jinger Duggar wrote, "As Valentine's Day slowly approaches, I thought it would be nice to go for a new hairdo! Speaking of that special day, I've got a Valentine's Spotify playlist out and would love to hear what you guys think of it! Please check it out by visiting the link my bio."

Jinger Duggar old hairstyle. Jinger Duggar eating pizza.

Jinger Duggar on her long straight hair.
Source: Jinger Duggar Instagram

As Jinger mentioned, she has her Spotify playlist's link on her bio, all for Valentine's day as songs are mostly romantic ones.

Soon after Jinger uploaded her picture with her new hairstyle, her Instagram comment section was filled with praises.

One of the Instagram users wrote, "umm, yes, honey.😍 You are killing it," While another one added, Love your hair❤️ ."

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Well, it's pretty clear, fans loved her new hairdo. The picture has garnered more than 130K likes so far. It seems like the 26-year-old TLC star is going to have a wonderful Valentine's week.

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