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Jocelyn Wildenstein Children: All Details

Published Mon Apr 19 2021 By Tashipalmo
Jocelyn Wildenstein Children: All Details

Everything You Should Know About Jocelyn Wildenstein And Her Children: A Brief Summary Here! 

The Swiss-born American socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, is widely known and condemned for her extensive cosmetic surgery resulting in her cat-like features and almost dis-figured appearance. 

The world recognized Wildenstein for her immense wealth, and her story spans more than what meets the eye. Her encounter and marriage to the billionaire Alec N Wildenstein brought her massive wealth and misfortunes. Continue reading to learn more about the controversial socialite. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein's Children

Jocelyn Wildenstein, despite her middle-class background, ventured into the glamour world. It all happened when she started dating Cyril Piguet at 17. Her changing social circle took her to Alec Wilderstein. The duo dated for a while and got married in their 30s.  

Jocelyn with a friend
Jocelyn Wildenstein had a son and a daughter with her former husband, Alec Wildenstein. 
Photo Source: Express Digest

Their union, however, went down in history as the most scandalous marriage ever. Jocelyn and Alec had two children, a girl Diane Wilderstein and a boy Alec Wilderstein Jr. 

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Jocelyn had gifted her children a mansion at Ol Jogi conservation. But Jocelyn reported in the past that she no longer is in touch with her children. Wilderstein told the world about her mistreatment by her family and staff. During the rough period of her life.

Jocelyn's children have been kept away from the spotlight. Probably because of their parents' messy repute. Hence not much is known about their personal life.

Jocelyn Wildenstein's Murky Marriage! 

Jocelyn Wildenstein had eloped with her then-billionaire boyfriend when her family didn't support their union. Jocelyn started doing extremely cliche billionaire wife things after her marriage with Alec. 

According to Alec, she would spend millions on jewelry and dresses. Soon her obsession with plastic surgery began, and she started spending millions on that. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein and  her former husband Alec Wildenstein.
Jocelyn Wildenstein received $2.5 billion from the divorce settlement in 1999.
Photo Source: Economic Times

 When Alec and Jocelyn's marriage started going downhill, it was his words against hers. Jocelyn reported that she caught Alec with a 19 years old Russian model, after which Alec even threatened her with a gun. 

 The couple's divorce was finalized in 1999. Alec and Jocelyn's legal feud was the tabloids' favorite target in the 1990s. The Billionaire couple's case shocked America back then, as it revealed their flashy and crazy expenditure.  

Their divorce is still remembered as one of the most expensive divorces. Jocelyn received a whopping $2.5 billion for the settlement. 

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Despite being filthy rich, it didn't take long for Jocelyn to roll downwards because of her unnecessary extravagant spending habits. Jocelyn filed for bankruptcy in 2018, citing that she had been living off her friends and family to get by.  

What is Jocelyn Wildenstein Doing Today?

Also dubbed the Catwoman, Jocelyn Wildenstein hasn't learned her lesson yet. Billionaire to broke, she brazenly says she isn't done with plastic surgery yet. 

Jocelyn is engaged to Lloyd Klein and she reportedly is working on her docuseries.
Jocelyn is engaged to Lloyd Klein. And she's reportedly working on her docuseries.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

In 2017, she got engaged to designer Lloyd Klein, her long-time boyfriend, and the duo spent her fortune in ruins. According to Page Six, Jocelyn wants a docuseries on her life.  

With such a disorganized and questionable past, we think people will appreciate the docuseries! The show can shine a light on her life and bring a little clarity about the socialite's weird choices in life. 

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