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Josiah Duggar Rumored To Be Clashing With Jim Bob - Is He Headed For Mental Breakdown?

Published Tue Aug 06 2019 By Kenshinpark
Josiah Duggar Rumored To Be Clashing With Jim Bob - Is He Headed For Mental Breakdown?

The insider doubts there's a storm coming.

It is not apparent if the father-son are having a clash, but there are a few things which suggest Josiah Duggar and Jim Bob are not getting along these days.

One of the close sources to the family claimed Josiah might be close to having a mental breakdown, and showing some signs already following which the big daddy is not very happy.

For many of you, it may seem like a complete bogus as Josiah is cleanest so far when it comes to scandals.

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As Duggars are more leaned towards conservatives views of living, there a few things Josiah did which certainly not keeping the family happy, more precisely, Mr. Jim Bob.

So here's the thing, according to the insider who used to work for the Duggars, Josiah will be the next to "break out" and rebel against Jim as his sister Jinger Duggar did earlier.

The insider said the situation might worsen sooner than we think, and suggests to keep an eye on Josiah.

The source said, "He's not mentally stable. Something is going to crack soon, mark my words. Josiah has always been a ninety mile an hour kid. When he posted on Facebook under the name of Matthew that should've told you something."

The sources stressed on the fact Josiah used to post on Facebook using alias "Mathew" despite parents' restriction prior to marriage with Lauren Swanson

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Now deleted Facebook account featured secular posts and, well, often flirtatious, which was a complete violation of Duggars' rule. Those kinds of contents must have ticked off Jim Bob, who then forced his son to delete his Facebook account.

The insider also believes there's a significance in the name Josiah picked for his online alter-ego, Mathew is Josiah's middle name, but it's also the gospel book which gave rise to the quote that most often used to highlight Jim's hypocrisy.

As stated in Mathew 19:21, Jesus tells, If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. "Then come, follow me."

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Well, the quote doesn't precisely gibe Jim but could possibly be intended to him, so amidst these, the insider doubts there's a storm coming.