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Is There Really A Feud Between Jinger Duggar And Her Parents?

Published Tue May 07 2019 By David
Is There Really A Feud Between Jinger Duggar And Her Parents?

Has there really been a rift between Jinger Duggar and her parents? 

Over the past several years, Jinger Duggar has managed to relentlessly captivate the world in her spotlight and its, not in the way her fans can be pleased of.  

It started when Jinger began wearing sweatpants in retaliation to her family's dress code. In addition, she has also been engaging in one act of defiance after the other ever since.

Now, it's important to note that Jinger is only a rebel by the severe standards of her ultra-conservative family.

Jinger Duggar married to Jeremy Vuolo in 2016.
SOURCE: The Hollywood Gossip

The 25-year-old is a married mom and committed Christian who's famous for her devotion to husband and daughter, as well as her modest demeanor.

But often times, she's also deviated from the path her parents set out for her on a number of occasions.

Jinger's most recent high-profile act of protest was her decision of uprooting to Los Angeles so that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, can attend divinity school there.

But that is not the only case where Jinger has outraged her folks in 2019.

One mini-scandal the Duggars have yet to acknowledge publicly is Jinger's blatant support to the LGBT community.

We learned that Jinger does not share her parents' backward belief system when she slated supportive comments applicable to her brother-in-law, Charles Vuolo, and a short film he made about transgenders’ rights.

Jinger Duggar recently supported her husband, Jeremy Vuolo's (left) brother, Charles Vuolo (right) for his short documentary on LGBTQ's rights.  
SOURCE: The Hollywood Gossip

These may seem like a very minor act of rebel (for the Duggars, of course), but the clan is also not so much of a fan in tolerating such a dissent especially when if it is committed by one of their young members.

The situation has gotten so bad in recent weeks that it was widely rumored that Jinger had been estranged by her parents. And now, many of the Duggars fans have gone with the idea that there is indeed some serious friction going on between Jinger and her parents.

Multiple sources have forwarded that Jinger is no longer on speaking terms with Jim Bob and Michelle.

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Though the substantiation on the matter is still to be made. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note the two couples have not interacted with their daughter on social media in several months.

Jinger Duggar is reportedly trying to relocate her family to Los Angeles. 
SOURCE: The Hollywood Gossip

Another publication, on the other hand, states that Jim Bob and Michelle are "thrilled" about their daughter's relocation, but the couple hasn’t issued a statement or commented on any of her recent posts about the move.

Considering the Duggars’ belief, it seems more probable that Jim Bob and Michelle are going to great lengths to make it clear to Meghan that they aren’t agreeing with any of her recent choices.

But she's also not kicked out of the family yet. And if one is to remember the Duggars pardon on Josh’s sex scandals, Jinger's attitude may not be that much of a problem to her parents at all.