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How Much Kaitlan Collins Earn on CNN? A Brief Overview Of Her Salary and Net Worth

Published Tue Oct 06 2020 By Kenshinpark
How Much Kaitlan Collins Earn on CNN? A Brief Overview Of Her Salary and Net Worth

Here's what you should know about CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins', net worth and salary.

Kaitlan Collins (born Kaitlan L Collins) is an American journalist for CNN. Prior to working on her current network, the journalist worked as the White House Correspondent for 'The Daily Caller' website.

While talking about her background, Kaitlan was born in Prattville, Alabama, to her parents Jeff Collins and a homemaker mother. According to the reports, the journalist graduated from Prattville High School, then furthered her education on the University of Alabama. 

Kaitlan majored in Political Science and Journalism; following her graduation in 2014, the journalist moved to Washington, D.C. The same year, Kaitlan started working for 'The Daily Caller' as an entertainment reporter, later became the website's "White House" correspondent.

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After working for almost three years as White House correspondent for 'The Daily Caller,' Collins' joined CNN for the same post. Following her tenure on CNN, Kaitlan has traveled to at least half a dozen countries with President Donald Trump.

Since we are talking about her career, let's find out how much Kaitlan Collins earns from her post as White House correspondent on CNN. Let's find out about her salary and net worth.

How Much Kaitlan Collins Earn on CNN? Her Salary and Net Worth

As we all know, Kaitlan Collins graduated in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Alabama in 2014. The same year Kaitlan moved to Washington, DC, and started working for 'The Daily Caller."

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According to the reports, Kaitlan served as an entertainment reporter before she was promoted to White House correspondent. So, her net worth will include some shares from her former job as well.

Kaitlan Collins' Net Worth

Kaitlan Collins' has almost six years of work experience as a journalist and almost five years of work experience as a White House correspondent. All we can say is, Collins enjoys a successful career.

kaitlan collins net worth 2020.

Kaitlan Collins has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million as of 2020.
Source: Forbes

With all the outstanding work she has done in her career, it is estimated her net worth is $1.8 million. Indeed, the figures seem unreasonable, but we will break it down to you in our next segment.

Kaitlan Collins' CNN Salary

While it's rude to ask about someone's salary, we still want to know how much Kaitlan Collins make on CNN. Well, there are no official details for her salaries, but a few media outlets did the math, and we are taking the liberty to show them here, with all the rights given to them.

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But please be advised, all these claims or estimation come from unverified sources and are not to be taken seriously. It's for general knowledge, and tentative figure to make a guess about Kaitlan Collins' Salary on CNN.

kaitlan collins cnn salary.

Kaitlan Collins earns somewhere close to $120,000 a month as a White House Correspondent for CNN.
Source: TV Over Mind

So, according to different sources, a White House correspondent earns somewhere between $100,000 to $130,000 per month. The job entails a lot of responsibility so the salary is all reasonable. 

For some top reporters, it can go a little higher than the average salary, but for Kaitlan Collins, it is expected she earns somewhere close to $120,000 a month as a White House Correspondent for CNN.

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