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Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss - Fans Call Her Unrecognizable

Published Mon Aug 10 2020 By Kenshinpark
Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss - Fans Call Her Unrecognizable

Kelly Osbourne underwent a massive weight loss, and we couldn't recognize her for a second.

Well, well, Kelly Osbourne has gone through a massive weight loss following which fans could not recognize her. The British actress took to show off her latest weight loss. 

The former reality star revealed she lost massive weight, taking to her social media profile, Kelly showed off her dramatic change.

kelly osbourne weight loss.

Can you even recognize Kelly after weight loss? Sorry, but we couldn't for a second.
Photo Source: Kelly Osbourne Instagram

Osbourne revealed she lost a whopping 85 pounds recently, now that's incredible, ain't it? 

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Following the post, fans could not hold themselves but praise the amazing change she has gone through recently. 

One fan wrote, "Oh my F’n G.. you are so dayum pretty!!!"

Another fan wrote, "Dear heavens are you beautiful!!!!!!!"

Next fan wrote, "MY GORGEOUS KELLY!!!!đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„"

kelly osbourne weight loss.

85 pounds!!! That's massive, how do you lose that much weight while in quarantine? We need answers, Kelly!
Photo Source: Kelly Osbourne Instagram

Well, you can see for yourself, fans are all praise for Kelly following her weight loss. And if you ask us, we really had to check the Instagram handle; for a second, we thought we ended up on some wrong account.

Osbourne, for sure, seems unrecognizable now and beautiful as always. We couldn't be happier for her as she has found the new confidence for  herself following the weight loss.

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