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Kevin Hart Is Able To Walk Again A Week After His Terrifying Car Crash

Published Sun Sep 08 2019 By Travis
Kevin Hart Is Able To Walk Again A Week After His Terrifying Car Crash

Good News! Kevin Hart is able to walk again, but is in still a lot of pain.

Kevin Hart is finally out of surgery, and he is said to be able to walk and move around, but he is in “excruciating pain,” according to words coming out of the hospital where the comedian is receiving treatment.

The actor and comedian, was in a car crash almost a week ago when his car swerved off the road on Mulholland Highway at 1 am in the morning. Kevin was on the passenger side of the car, and his friend Jared Black was driving the vehicle. Jared was in the car with his fiancée Rebecca Boxterman, who was in the back seat, and all of them were injured in the crash.

Kevin Hart's car crash
Kevin's car crashed in Malibu Hills with three total passengers inside the car.

Source: PhillyVoice

Kevin was taken to Northridge Hospital Medical Centre where he went under the knife with reports stating the actor needed some surgery on his back. Three days ago, there were also reports which suggested the actor fractured his spine in three places. Now finally, it seems the actor is able to move around a little.

Tiffany Haddish was on hand to give some update on the situation, and she said, “He’s already walking. He’s good.” But sources close to the family told TMZ, Kevin was “still in excruciating pain,” and while he is apparently in a lot of pain, the comedian is said to be still trying to put on a happy face for all the people in the room.

Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart
Tiffany Haddish spoke to the media to give an update on how Kevin was doing after surgery.

Source: EOnline

Though the actor is walking around, he is not to his usual self, which is understandable considering the condition the car was in and the injuries Kevin suffered. He is “walking slowly and gingerly,” the source added.

Eniko Parrish gave an update when Kevin was still in the hospital, but right now, she is not ready to talk to anyone about Kevin and how he is doing. Eniko is by Kevin’s side all the time and taking care of him, and sources say she is not ready to appear in front of a camera or give an update on the current state of the Jumanji actor.

The Hart family.
Eniko Parrish is by Kevin's side and at this point staying away from the public eye.

Source: USA Today

“They … don’t want people to worry,” another source added. “So Eniko has put on a strong face and is saying he is doing well, but it’s very serious. He has suffered a great deal and has a long road ahead.”

“Kevin’s spinal injuries are very serious, he sustained several fractures and had no choice but to have surgery as soon as possible,” the source continued. “Since the surgery, he has been heavily sedated. The physicians are doing everything they can to keep him out of pain.”

After the news of the crash became public, many of Hart’s actor friends took to social media to convey their support and to pray for the recovery of the comedian. It was a difficult time the first couple of few days for fans world over, and the fear for the well-being of Kevin rose even further when the images from the crash site became public. But the whole world breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced the injuries were severe but not life-threatening.

All of us here are praying for a speedy recovery for Kevin and strength to the family of the comedian in these scary times.