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Who is Kiersey Clemons' Partner? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Published Mon Jun 07 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Kiersey Clemons' Partner? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Is Kiersey Clemons Dating or Single in 2021? Complete Details on Her Love Life Here!  

Playing Ezra Miller's (Flash) love interest in the next DC film, The Flash is Kiersey Clemons in the role of Iris West. Clemons's last film was the mega-hit Zack Synder's Justice League; she will be starring alongside Ben Affleck and Sasha Calle in the next DC film. Forefront in the buzz because of all the hype around the DC film is Clemons, her career so far, and her love life.  

The Florida-born actress forayed into showbiz via Disney Channel series Austin & Ally, Cloud 9, and eventually landing roles in films and series, mostly in the comedy-drama genre. Clemons's best hits over the years that are must-watch include Heart Beat Loud, Transparent, and her best hit Dope. Clemons identifies as queer, and as of 2021, she is very much in love and still gushy about it; continue reading to find more.  

Who is Kiersey Clemons Dating in 2021? 

The Dope actress spent her quarantine days resting, playing scrabble, decluttering, and just cherishing the special moments with her other half. Clemons, who is currently dating Ebony De La Haye, her stunt double, tells Vogue in her interview, "I realized that even after three months in lockdown together, there’s always more to learn about your significant other."  

Kiersey Clemons identifies as queer.

Kiersey on falling in love with her stunt double in Fiji.
Photo Source: Thelchat

Clemons' and Ebony's love story dates back to 2017 when the two met in Fiji during the filming of Clemons's survivalist thriller 'Sweetheart.' De La Haye was appointed to do Kiersay's spine-chilling underwater stunts. Clemons recalls, "by the end of the shoot, we were inseparable."   

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Kiersay and Ebony for the Variety's Power of Pride issue last year gave some insights into their relationship; while listing their mundane activities throughout the day. Clemons adds, "I think it’s important to show people that you as a queer person are also deserving of a healthy, steady relationship the same way that hetero people have every single day."  

Kiersey Clemons is dating Ebony De La Haye.

 "By the end of the day, we were inseparable," says Clemons.
Photo Source: Auto Straddle

Ebony, originally from Australia, says she knew what the two of them felt in Fiji wasn't a fling. However, as the shoot came to wrap, and because Haye's U.S visa was still in process, the duo was compelled to spend a year in a long-distance relationship, but the couple moved in together in L.A as soon as the trying times were over.

Clemons on Hollywood and BLM!    

It is not only her relationship which Clemons has put on display; the actress has also kept her cheer and criticism of Hollywood candid. In her interview with the CoVeTeur, ahead of the release of her horror film 'Antebellum,' in 2020, Clemons genially described the problem with Hollywood's tokenistic attitude towards their black colleague.    

Kiersey Clemons is starring in The Flash.

Clemons explains how putting white-skinned at the front of BLM conversation is problematic.
Photo Source: Heavy

Clemons, who boasts a striking 379k followers on her Instagram, is a Black Lives Matter movement advocate. She posts in support of the movement quite frequently. Although Clemons says she would love to have an open-heart debate on the topic or any other important issue for that matter, the actress adds, "but everyone is like, whats your favorite lipgloss?"     

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Opining on the Black Lives Matter movement, Kiersey shares the risk behind turning the mainstreaming of the movement. She quotes, "We’ve put light-skinned folks at the forefront of that conversation, and you can see it happening in real-time, how Black Lives Matter has been turned into something that maybe it inherently is not." 

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