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Kim Foxx Weight Loss Journey, How She Did It?

Published Mon Jun 01 2020 By Kenshinpark
Kim Foxx Weight Loss Journey, How She Did It?

With Kim Foxx's win, she double-shocked people with her weight loss. 

Kim Foxx (Kimberly M. Foxx) is an American politician and is currently serving as the State's Attorney for Cook County, Illinois. She is known to manage the largest prosecutor's Office and oversee an office approximately 800 attorneys and 1,500 employees. Recently, she is making the buzz for how she handled her latest case.

Cook County State's Attorney defeated three opponents in Tuesday's Democratic primary. Kim beat Bill Conway, a former assistant state's attorney, Donna More, a former federal prosecutor, and Bob Fioretti, a former Chicago city councilman. They tried best, but could not beat her. 

A Brief Look Into The Case

Foxx's win did not come easy; she revealed she used to get death threat after her Office dropped the charges against Jussie Smollett. She also admitted of making mistakes with the case, and several of her challengers refused to let her put the scandal behind her during the race for re-election. 

Kim Foxx Weight Loss.

Kim Fox before weight loss.
Photo Source: The Intercept

A special prosecutor reinstated the charges against Smollett last month, and the 'Empire' actor was hit with six new accusations of disorderly conduct, accusing him of filing false reports, which he has pleaded not guilty. 

Kim's opponents have said she tarnished the State's Attorney's Office with her handling of the case. As we noted earlier, her opponent tried their best, but the win came to Foxx.

Kim Foxx on Tuesday said, "To everyone who rallied around this race that made it bigger than one thing, one issue, who rejected the notion that we would talk about one singular case and not what mattered to the people of Cook County, and put everything on the line for this, I thank you."

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The attorney further added, "This win is about all of us. I've spent the last four years working to reform a system that is not representative of the communities it serves – I'm ready to continue this work."

Kim Foxx's Weight Loss

Since we have been observing Kim Foxx since last year closely, she seemed different than what we saw in April of 2019. While the win itself was something extraordinary, she shocked people with her weight loss too. Kim seemed a lot trimmer, and in shape than what she used to look last year.

Kim Foxx Weight Loss.

Kim Foxx Weight loss: She seemed trimmer in 2020.

Since people are curious, we have some speculations about Kim Foxx's weight loss. From the picture above, it's apparent she shed some serious pounds off her body. It seems she lost more than 30 pounds within the period of a year. 

How Did Kim Foxx Lose Weight? Our Guess

While Kim Foxx is too busy with her wins, it made no sense to go and ask about her weight loss. So, we have our guesses as to how she managed to lose so much weight. So, there are a couple of things she might have opted for the drastic transformation.

Kim Foxx Weight Loss.

Kim Foxx's drastic weight loss transformation.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Since we can expect she has been mostly busy with her works since last year, because of the Jussie Smollett case. So it's obvious she did not have time to hit the gym or any other fitness center. But the fact she still managed to lose weight could be her lifestyle she changed over the past months.

So, to lose weight without hitting a gym or fitness center is changing eating habits. Eat more vegetables, drink plenty of water in a day, and give up alcohol. In Kim's case, she might also have gone with Yoga or Pilates. Moreover, she could also have cut her portion. 

Well, that's our guess, we will update you with more as soon as we get information. 

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