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Kinsey Wolanski - Her Journey From A Nobody To One Of The Most Searched Models On The Internet!

Published Thu Aug 22 2019 By Travis
Kinsey Wolanski - Her Journey From A Nobody To One Of The Most Searched Models On The Internet!

Kinsey Wolanski, from a limited Instagram star to worldwide famous and one of the most searched models on the internet!

By now, the world knows who Kinsey Wolanski is; the beautiful Russian model captured the world’s imagination about two months ago. Since then, the beautiful Instagram model is the fastest rising star in the image-sharing platform. But who was Kisney before she shot up to the top of the Instagram supermodels chart and became a dream girl for millions of fans around the world.

Born and raised in Russia, Kinsey was an aspiring model whose Instagram page was on the rise. She was on the better side of okay when it comes to the image-sharing platform, and it was enough to live a luxurious life. Before she rose to stardom and captured the imagination of the world over after she was discovered and asked to model while on a visit to Los Angeles.

It was just a simple offer to model, but the event led to some other opportunities where she started appearing in Sports Illustrated, Maxim and FHM. From an average person, and a relative nobody to a model who was spearing in Sports Illustrated, it was a massive jump for the future superstar.

Kinsey also appeared on the Miss Jetset 2017 fashion competition where she placed eighth in the competition. It was a low ranking, but she was ready for the next stage of her career. Then all of a sudden she was spotted with a mystery man on her Instagram page, the first photo she posted a dark picture of her holding the hand of a man who was hidden, then a few weeks later there was another post of her alongside a man in the desert and still the person’s face was hidden.

Finally, the man was revealed to be the proud owner of Vitaly Uncensored, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was the man she was in love with. The reveal happened on Valentine’s Day, and her Instagram saw a little influx to her followers. She was still a little known model with 230,000 followers.

The biggest call to fame happened in the middle of 2019 for the model. She went from a relatively unknown model to a headline maker in more than 100 different publications — the reason for the sudden stardom, the Champions League Final streaking incident. During the final match between Liverpool and Tottenham, Kinsey tore off her clothes and ran onto the pitch which etched her name forever into the Instagram history books. From 230,000 one day, her Instagram saw over a million followers with two days’ time. Between 1 June 2019 and 7 June 2019 her Instagram account raked in over two million followers and she was the talk of every major newspaper.

From relative obscurity to world-dominating fame, the rise of Kinsey was astronomical one, and she managed to maintain it on her own as well as with the help from her even more famous boyfriend. Vitaly currently boasts 2.9 million followers on Instagram and over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. One event changed her life, from an okay Instagram model to headline maker and the fastest growing Instagram model in history, talk about a rise to stardom.