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Know About Bruce Springsteen's Married Life! Find Out His Wife Details

Published Tue Jun 06 2023 By Bsgurung
Know About Bruce Springsteen's Married Life! Find Out His Wife Details

Bruce Springsteen, born on September 23, 1949, is an American singer and songwriter. Widely known as "The Boss," Springsteen has achieved legendary status in the world of rock music. His career spans several decades and has been marked by his distinctive blend of heartland rock, poetic lyrics, and energetic live performances. 

Springsteen's songs often touch upon themes of working-class struggles, personal introspection, and the American dream. With hits like "Born to Run," "Thunder Road," and "Dancing in the Dark," he has earned critical acclaim, numerous awards, and a devoted fanbase. Bruce Springsteen's music continues to resonate and inspire generations of listeners around the globe.

Three Decades-Long Marital Life With Wife, Patti Scialfa

Bruce Springsteen, the renowned singer-songwriter known for hits like "The River," has been in a lasting marriage with singer-songwriter Patti Scialfa. The couple has been married since 1991, but their connection goes back even further. They both grew up in the same social circles in New Jersey, and Patti even had a stint in Springsteen's E Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen is happily married to Patti Scialfa
Image: Bruce Springsteen with his wife, Patti Scialfa during Halloween weekend. Source: Instagram

Interestingly, there were indications of a potential romantic relationship between Bruce and Patti before they officially got together. However, circumstances led them down separate paths until they crossed each other again during Bruce's troubled first marriage. Following Bruce's separation from his first wife, he and Patti began dating, but their relationship faced intense media scrutiny and public judgment.

Despite the challenges, Bruce and Scialfa persevered and their love endured. They have built a strong partnership as both spouses and collaborators in music. Their enduring courtship and enduring marriage have become a significant part of Bruce Springsteen's personal story alongside his illustrious musical career.

Starting A Love Story With Wife, Patt Scialfa

Despite facing criticism, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa defied the odds and exchanged vows in 1991 after several years of dating. Throughout their journey, they have collaborated extensively and supported each other through various challenges. 

Bruce Springsteen is married to Patti Scialfa for more than three decades
Image: Bruce Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa performing together. Source: Instagram

Springsteen openly expresses his adoration for his wife in interviews, crediting her as the anchor in his life. 

In Bruce Springsteen's 19th album, "Western Stars," he pays tribute to Patti, acknowledging her role in pulling him out of the depths of depression. The couple shares a deep bond and are devoted parents to their three children.

Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa Are Proud Parents of Three

The legendary singer, Bruce Springsteen, is the proud father of three children. Alongside his second wife, Patti Scialfa, Bruce welcomed two sons and one daughter into their lives.

The eldest, Evan, was born in July 1990 and is said to have had a profound impact on Bruce's life. Following in his father's musical footsteps, Evan pursued a career in music after graduating from Boston College in 2012. Evan has opted for a more private life compared to his famous father.

Bruce Springsteen is father of three
Image: Bruce Springsteen with his wife and kids. Source: Instagram

Jessica Rae Springsteen was born in December 1991. Jessica has excelled in her own right as a professional equestrian. She has represented the United States in international competitions and won a silver medal in team jumping at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The youngest of Bruce's children, Samuel Ryan, was born in January 2005 and has chosen a different path. Instead of pursuing music or equestrianism like his siblings, Samuel has followed his passion to become a firefighter. He has also welcomed Bruce and Patti's first grandchild with his longtime partner.

First Wife, Joyce Hyser

Bruce Springsteen, despite his immense talent and success, has faced challenges in his romantic relationships. During the early stages of his soaring career, the music icon had significant relationships with actress Joyce Hyser, photographer Lynn Goldsmith, and model Karen Darv, each lasting several years.

Springsteen's first marriage was to actress Julianne Phillips, which took place on May 13, 1985, at a Catholic Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Bruce was initially drawn to Julianne's beauty and charm, as he described her in his memoir "Born to Run" as a "24-year-old, tall, blond, educated, talented, beautiful, and charming young woman." 

Bruce Springsteen married Julianne Philips
Image: Bruce Springsteen with his ex-wife, Julianne Phillips during their wedding. Source: Twitter

However, Bruce knew deep down that they were not well-suited for each other. With an eleven-year age difference and few shared interests, their marriage faced challenges from the start. In addition to their inherent differences, the strain of Bruce's constant touring further put a strain on their relationship. 

Songs on his Grammy-winning eighth album, "Tunnel of Love," shed light on his unhappy home life with Phillips. These songs became a reflection of the struggles and tensions within their marriage.

What Went Wrong With Julianne Phillips

While still married to Julianne Phillips, Bruce Springsteen found himself developing feelings for someone he had trusted and confided in for a long time. In his biography, he admits to attempting to deceive himself by believing that Julianne was only interested in his fame and wealth.

Bruce Springsteen divorced with Julianne Phillips
Image: Bruce Springsteen with his ex-spouse, Julianne Phillips. Source: Pinterest

However, deep down, Bruce knew that Julianne genuinely loved him. Despite his efforts to convince himself otherwise, their marriage ultimately ended in divorce after four years in 1989.

Reflecting on the failure of his first marriage, Bruce expressed remorse and acknowledged his shortcomings as a husband and partner. He admitted that he had placed Julianne in a difficult position, particularly considering her young age at the time.

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