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Who is Kouvr Annon? Some Interesting Facts About the Social Media Influencer

Published Thu Apr 30 2020 By Eric
Who is Kouvr Annon? Some Interesting Facts About the Social Media Influencer

The world we are living right now is covered with full of advance digital facilities that exist to level up our lifestyle. It has benefited us in so many ways, and for some, it has totally changed the trajectory of their life. Kouvr Annon is one of the teenagers who used the digital platform to achieve success at an early age.

Annon shares several modeling related content on her social media. She succeeds in garnering over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account, whereas in her YouTube, Kouvr has around 329K loyal subscribers. 

Apart from those social platforms, Annon is also active in TikTok, where she shares short videos for her fans. Her TikTok content made a breakthrough in her career as a social influencer. Due to Kouvr massive fan following, she created a tremendous buzz in the media, which raise desire within people to know more about her. 

Kouvr Annon Wiki/Bio

Kouvr Annon most of the content is related to beauty tips.

The painfully beautiful Annon was raised in Hawaii.
Photo Source: Instagram of Kouvr Annon

The 19-years-old Kouvr Annon celebrates her birthday on May 31 every year. She was born and raised in Hawaii and right now resides in Los Angeles. Kouvr moved there after her work as a content creator got hype. 

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Talking about Annon's parents, then nothing is mentioned related to those topics in any media. Her family details are still covered with a curtain; however, if we focus on her academic qualification, she is pursuing her high school study.

She is the Member of Hype House 

The starlet Kouvr Annon is member of Hype House.

Starlet Annon is a member of the Hype House.
Photo Source: Instagram of Kouvr Annon

Kouvr Annon lives with several other young social media influencers like her in the Hype House. Those who have no idea what Hype House is, let us tell you, it is a group of upcoming Tik Tok stars like Annon. They came together to create fantastic and fabulous videos for their followers on social media.

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Hype House was co-founded by two young fellows Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, in December 2019. Their team includes some of the top TikTok stars like Charli D'AmelioRyland Storms, and Nick Austin

Kouvr Annon and Her Boyfriend, Alex Warren

Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren.are social media influencer.

Annon's boyfriend, Alex Warren, is also a famous Tik Tok celebrity.
Photo Source: Instagram of Kouvr Annon 

Those who are in confusion about the relationship status of the starlet Kouvr Annon, she is madly in love with her longtime boyfriend, Alex Warren. The beautiful couple duo can be seen in different videos on their social page.

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Indeed, Annon lover Alex Warren is also a Tik Tok star and YouTuber and is also one of the members of Hype House. The lovebirds live together in the Hype House and share quality time, as per Seventeen.


Kouvr and Alex began dating way before they became part of the Hype House. Their life as a couple is captured in several videos and photos they posted on their social page. 

The lovebirds look perfect for each other, and all of their fans admire their relationship. Their followers even want them to get engaged as soon as possible. However, both of them are still young to share marital vows.

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