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Did LaLa Anthony Opt For Plastic Surgery? Her Comparison Pictures Say So

Published Wed May 27 2020 By Kenshinpark
Did LaLa Anthony Opt For Plastic Surgery? Her Comparison Pictures Say So

Find out if LaLa Anthony had plastic surgery or not.

La La Anthony (born Alani Nicole "LaLa" Vasquez) is an American TV personality and an author. She is recognized for her stint on the show 'Total Request Live' and VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love," "I Love New York," "For the Love of Ray J." Moreover, she is known for her extraordinary beauty.

Anthony's beauty, however, is subject to scrutiny as many believe she achieved it through plastic surgeries. While it's not something new, Hollywood artists are often the subject of such rumors/claims. So, to answer this question, we compared some pictures of her past with her recent ones, and the result is what we will share with you next.

Did LaLa Anthony Use Botox?

La La Anthony Plastic Surgery.
La La Anthony's Face Comparison

As of now, LaLa Anthony is 40 years old, and when you look at her face, it's hard to tell her age; she seems in her early thirties, so people claim she used Botox for her wrinkle-free face. Moreover, when you look around her eyes, it's hard to see even a single line of wrinkles as crow's feet start to appear as early as her late twenties.

So, could it be true? Well, we really don't know, but LaLa is known for using expensive skin care products. However, it's true if you know your skin, and if you know your products, then it can work magic. So, still hard to tell if she used Botox. Another actress Brie Larson is said to be done eyes and nose through plastic surgeries.

Did LaLa Anthony Get a Rhinoplasty?

It seems La La Anthony did get a nose job.
It seems La La Anthony did get a nose job.

Among many other allegations, rhinoplasty is another speculation of the public for La La Anthony. People believe the reality star had a nose job. And if we look at the comparison picture, the claims seem to be true.

Since the picture itself can tell you a lot of things, her nose looks more defined, and it appears she also corrected the tip, but this all could be the wonder of makeup. Makeup these days can do the tricks for these minor fixes. So, about the rhinoplasty, we will leave it to you to decide. Similarly, Liu Yifei has undergone a nose job and an eyelift.

People Also Claim LaLa Anthony Had a Boob Job

La La Anthony Plastic Surgery.
It's apparent; that LaLa Anthony did not get a boob job.

Well, on this one, we beg to differ. It's clear from the comparison pictures from her past and now that she never got a boob job. Her bosoms look pretty much the same. 

We have no idea why people have such claims, but they pretty much look the same. She was blessed with such lovely bosoms while growing up, so she did not need any.

LaLa Anthony's Butt Augmentation

La La Anthony Plastic Surgery.
That's a straight giveaway! She has a butt lift.

Well, on this one, we are somewhat convinced. While it is apparent, that she was blessed with big butts from the beginning, in her recent years, she seems curvier. 

We guess she did have a butt lift, as she has got more curves on her body. So, we think we don't need to emphasize this point more. So, despite the claims LaLa has, she did get a butt lift.

So while concluding things, we can see she at least got a butt lift, despite her claims. Thus who knows, she might have corrected other features of her body as well. But even though she did, all the changes are subtle, and she looks beautiful, no matter what.

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