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Know about late Chris Burrous wife Mai Do Burrous

Published Sat Dec 21 2019 By Matthew
Know about late Chris Burrous wife Mai Do Burrous

Learn about Mai Do Burrous, the widow of late Chris Burrous.

Born on January 11, 1975, in Santa Clara County, California, as Christopher Rocky Burrous, Chris was a co-anchor for the KTLA 5 Morning News on weekends. He also frequently reported breaking news for the same channel during weekdays. The 43 years old TV personality was quite a celebrity in the Los Angeles area where he resided with his family.

Chris Burrous's wife Mai Do Burrous and Isabella Burrous
Source: GoFundMe

Married to Mai Do Burrous, Chris is survived by a beautiful daughter Isabella and his wife. Not many are lucky enough to find life partners that share similar interests with them, but it was different for Chris when he met his soulmate. So who exactly is Mai Do Burrous? Here are some facts that'll help you know her better.

Mai Do Burrous is Also a TV Personality

Just like her husband Chris, Mai Do is also a TV Personality. In fact, Chris and Mai Do both met at their place of work KGET-TV in Bakersfield, California, when Chris was posted there.

Wife of late Chris Burrous, Mai Do Burrous.
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Mai Do was a producer and reporter for the 17 News team at the time.

Mai Do Survived Vietnam War

Back in April 1975, when Mai was just a two years old baby, her mother escaped the fallen city of Saigon. Her father, however, was already in California as a doctoral student. The mother-daughter duo wouldn't have made it; had it not been for two US Marines who recognized them from a day before.

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17 News reported Mai Do's story of survival as a documentary called 'Mai Do-Burrous Escape from Vietnam' when she was a producer and reporter on the same channel.

Her Father's Name is Sang Do

Sang Do, Mai's father, came to the US when he was 31 years old. He was a doctoral student in California. During his time as a doctoral student, the American troops pulled out of Vietnam, resulting in the fall of the country to communist power. 

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He then went on to become an administrator for the county of Los Angeles. After retirement, Mai's father appeared in a documentary called 'Mai Do-Burrous Escape from Vietnam' with Mai Do and her mother.

Her Husband Died of Methamphetamine Toxicity

Chris Burrous, Mai Do's husband, was found unconscious by paramedics in a Glendale motel in Los Angeles on December 27, 2018. Despite having a wonderful life with his family, Chris had a secret with them. He frequently met up with a guy from Grinder and engaged in sexual activities with the man.

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During one of his sexual escapades, Chris inserted two meth rocks inside his rectum. He passed out, after which his erotic partner called 911. The news anchor died on the way to the hospital.

She Received Almost $117,783 From Donations

After the unprecedented death of her husband Chris, two different GoFundMe accounts were set up by Gigi Graciette and Mai's sister Rosemary Do Silverstein. The accounts were set up to support the Burrous family, who were the ones Chris valued most. KTLA endorsed both accounts. 

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