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'Law and Order' Actor Mark Blum Dies at 69 Due to Coronavirus Disease

Published Fri Mar 27 2020 By Kenshinpark
'Law and Order' Actor Mark Blum Dies at 69 Due to Coronavirus Disease

Mark Blum passed away at the age of 69 following diagnosed with coronavirus Disease.

COVID-19, one of the dangerous disease which is challenging the healthcare systems of the world, has claimed many lives so far. The death toll has risen to as high as 22,180 as of today.

Sadly, the disease took one of the finest longtime Broadway actors, Mark Blum. 'Law and Order' actor died this week following diagnosed with COVID-19. Mark became the first celebrity to die of the illness.

Watch: Actor Mark Blum Dead At 69 From Coronavirus Complications

The actor who was a mainstay on the Broadway stage since the 70s and appeared on many movies was paid tribute by fellow actors and other celebrities after news of his death circulated.

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Madonna took to her Instagram and uploaded a series of pictures  of her and Blum, and wrote, "I Want to Acknowledge the Passing of a remarkable Human, fellow actor and friend Mark Blum, who succumbed to Coronavirus."

The singer continued, "This is really tragic, and my heart goes out to him, his family, and his loved ones. I remember him as funny, warm, loving, .and professional when we made Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985!!

Watch: Mark Blum becomes the first celebrity to die from Coronavirus at the age of 69

Madonna added, "Another reminder that this virus is no joke, nothing to be casual about or pretend won't affect us in some way. ♥️ we need to stay grateful -be hopeful- help each other-and follow the quarantine rules! #covid_19 #markblum #desperatelyseekingsusan"

Screen Actors Guild Union President Gabrielle Carteris also paid his tribute to the actors. Gabrielle said, "This is a painful loss to our SAG-AFTRA family. Mark Blum understood that all performers working in this industry share the same employers and that our strength depends on our unity. He was a visionary."

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