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Meet Layzie Bone's Wife Felicia Lindsey; Facts about the rapper's wife

Published Mon Dec 02 2019 By Travis
Meet Layzie Bone's Wife Felicia Lindsey; Facts about the rapper's wife

Layzie Bone is one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop collective known as 'Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.' With the release of 'E. 1999 Eternal,' the group cemented its place as one of the top acts of hip hop, and the album is now considered a classic.

'Bone Thugs-n-Harmony' not only made the group members rich men, but it also allowed the band members to find solo fame and careers outside of the group. Layzie's given name is Steven Howse, also found success with and outside the collective, getting his name out there among the masses.

Bone's not as religious as his fellow bandmate Krayzie Bone. Layzie is not only a rapper, though, but he is also a family man. However, he still believed enough to know he needed to take care of his family, and at the end of the day, the family was the only this that mattered. The rapper got married to his longtime girlfriend, Felicia Lindsey, in 2007, and the couple is married to this day.

Felicia Lindsey was a Singer Working for the 'Bone Thugs-n-Harmony' Led Group 'Mo Thugs.' She also goes by the Moniker Krystal Kleer

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was signed to Ruthless Records in 1993. Likewise, the group formed their collective group 'Mo Thugs' in 1995, where other artists could show their talents and become group members.

Felicia Lindsey is married to Layzie Bone and is the mother of their three kids together.
Felicia Lindsey is married to Layzie Bone and the mother of their three kids.
Source: Instagram

Felicia Lindsey was also part of the group for a while. And she was involved in recording some of the four albums the group released together.

Felicia and Layzie also formed a bond while working together in the group. Felicia does not perform on stage anymore, and there’s been no new release from the singer as of this writing.

As a performer, she goes by the name of Krystal Kleer and writes her name as Felecia on her Instagram page. 

Felicia Lindsey and Layzie Bone were Married in 2007! Felicia and Layzie are Parents of Three Kids.

Layzie Bone had already found fame with his rapping, and the group was also finding success by the turn of the century. While the rapper was making a career for himself, he was also making sure his personal life was not left far behind in the rearview mirror, which is why the rapper started dating singer Felicia Lindsey.

Layzie and Felicia live with their children.
Layzie and Felicia live with their children.
Source: Instagram

The couple dated for an extended period when the time came to purpose, and the lovebirds soon married in an intimate ceremony in 2007. Felicia became Felicia Lindsey-Howse, and they became the parents of their three kids soon after the marriage.

Layzie’s Extramarital Affairs Makes it Hard to Take Care of Kids for Felicia Lindsey.

Layzie is no stranger to extramarital affairs; he was sued in 2013 when a woman claimed her child to be the kid Layzie. After the paternity test, it was confirmed the child was his, and he was asked to provide child support payments to the child's mother.

But this was not a one-off, isolated incident involving the rapper because history repeated itself in 2019 when, at the start of the year, a woman came forward again and claimed her daughter was the rapper's child. He disputed the claims, and the court ordered the paternity test, which again proved the barely two-year-old cute baby was the child of Layzie.

Felicia is a mother of three and the family lives together even through all of Layzie's extramarital affairs.
Felicia is a mother of threeand the family lives together despite all of Layzie's extramarital affairs.
Source: Instagram

All these revelations had some effect on the family life of Layzie and Felicia. The duo said in an interview it was hard for her to reconcile with all the cheating and the babies her husband fathered with other women. 

All Krystal wants to do is protect her children. But she cannot with the TV and internet showing all the deeds and airing her husband’s dirty laundry in public.

“There’s the situation with the infidelity that we had to deal with, and I’m still dealing with. And it’s very, very hard. It’s very hard for it to be public because it’s not something you can just sweep under the rug. The world knows. It magnifies it to the thousandth degree,” Felicia said, not particularly pleased with the whole infidelity situation.

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