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Lil Flip and His Net Worth! Is Flip the Rapper Married?

Published Thu Apr 13 2023 By Bsgurung
Lil Flip and His Net Worth! Is Flip the Rapper Married?

Lil Flip, Aka Wesley Eric Weston Jr., is an American rapper with a huge fan following. Wesley started his journey as a battle and freestyle rapper. Impressively, he has released nineteen studio albums. His singles like Game Over, Sunshine, and The Way We Ball gave him massive recognition in the music industry. 

It is a no-brainer that people often wonder about his personal life because of Flip's fame. So is the rapper Lil Flip married? Aside from his love life/relationships, know about his net worth below. The rapper is also a successful record producer and songwriter. He owns his own record company, Clover G Records.

Is Lil Flip the Rapper Married? Know About Flip's Wife

Lil Flip became one of the most followed and admired rappers around the United States. His unique way of presenting music and collaboration with other renowned artists has helped him to secure massive limelight. With that, is Flip married to a wife?

Lil Flip is not dating anyone at the moment
Image: Lil Flip with his co-singer after the concert. Source: Instagram

No, Lil Flip isn't a married man. But the Clover G Records owner is quite possessive regarding his love life. Also, he doesn't speak much about it in any interviews. 

Although we stated Wesley isn't married, it remains unclear if the rapper is involved in any relationship. Flip's reluctance to talk about his relationship points he isn't married yet and doesn't have a wife. Similarly, given his rising age, many state Flip is secretly married.  

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But regarding the news, Weston keeps a tight lid on the matter. For that, Flip's fans patiently wait till he talks about his wife and married life. Besides that, he stays busy making new music and sharing it with the world.

Rapper Lil Flip is a Father of Two Children

It is a matter of fact that the rapper is not involved in a romantic relationship. However, in the past, Lil Flip had several relationships! But none of Weston's past flings succeed. 

Although Lil Flip is not dating right now, he dated a woman with whom he shares two kids. Wesley\s kids are in their teenage years, but the exact age remains hidden behind closed doors. Similarly, the rapper's children live with their mother. 

Rapper Lil Flip is father of two children
Image: Game Over singer Lil Flip is the father of two kids. Source: Instagram

According to his ex-girlfriend, they dated for more than six years. And later, they finally parted ways. However, there is no information on the kids or the baby mama.

Lil Flip keeps the names of his kids hidden to keep their privacy. Also, Lil has been tight-lipped and hasn't spoken about anything regarding his kids. Maybe the rapper will finally publicly announce his kids in the coming days. 

A Look on Sunshine Singer, Lil Flip's Career

Lil Flip is in his early forties and is doing what he does best, rapping. Over the past two decades, he has given hit after hit to the music industry. In 1999, the rapper officially started his professional music career by signing with Sucka Free. 

With the record label, he released his first-ever album, The Leprechaun. With Flip's first album, he caught the attention of several significant artists. Among them, DJ Screw gave him a chance. Screw added Wesley Eric Weston Jr to his rap group, Screwed Up Click. 

Lil Flip has released 19 studio albums
Image: Rapper Lil Flip performed live among thousands of people. Source: Instagram

In 2002, he released his second album Undaground Legend with Columbia Records and made the album Platinum. Then after, the rapper released albums like I Need Mine, Respect Me, Ahead of My Time, U Gotta Feel Me, and so on. Till now, Lil has launched nineteen studio albums with impressive work. 

In 2022, he released two albums. And surprisingly, in April 2014, Flip released his first book, Don't Let the Music Industry Fool You! The fans and readers loved the hip-hop artist's book. 

Lil Flip Has A Net Worth of $5 Million!

The American rapper has had an impressive career so far. Lil Flip's music and rapping style are often marked at the top level. With millions of copies sold worldwide, Flip has collected wealth many dreams of commanding. 

Lil Flip has net worth of $5 Million as of 2023
Image: American rapper Lil Flip with his friends attending an award show. Source: Instagram

As of 2023, the Leprechaun star is enjoying a net worth of $5 Million. He has amassed all of his wealth through his incredible career. In 2000, his album The Leprechaun made over $200,000 through record sales. 

The 2002 and 2004 record sales emerged as Lil bagged over $1 Million from U Gotta Feel Me and later Undaground Legend. Also, the rapper is often busy touring around the world. 

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Owner of the Clover Footwear and G Clothing

Lil Flip's fortune is from touring, record sales, and other ventures. In 2004, he even launched his shoe line, Clover Footwear which is a big hit. 

Lil Flip has launced Clover G footwear and Clothing
Image: Lil Flip is the owner of Clover G Records. Source: Instagram

Not to forget, he is the owner of Clover G Clothing. As estimated, Flip makes over $200,000 annually through his overall investments. The hip-hop artist lives in Houston, Texas, home with his family. 

The property is worth over $2 Million in today's market. The Way We Ball singer is living a lavish lifestyle. He also has several luxurious several cars and watches collections.

Social Media Presence

Lil Flip is an active user in the social media world. He often shares his upcoming projects on the Internet. Weston's Instagram account has over 339K followers! The musician has posted over 4.5k posts to date. 

The rapper often shares his new song clip in his Gram feeds. The Sunshine singer joined the Twitter world back in April 2009. He has more than 83K followers on Twitter World. His other most used social media is Facebook, where he has more than 206K followers. 

Similarly, Lil also runs his own YouTube channel under the name LilFlipVEVO. The particular channel has over 33 Million views with 95K subscribers. 

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