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Lil Yachty's Net Worth: The Booming Bank Account of a Hip-Hop Star!

Published Fri Jul 28 2023 By Bsgurung
Lil Yachty's Net Worth: The Booming Bank Account of a Hip-Hop Star!

Lil Yachty, whose real name is Miles Parks McCollum, is a talented American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on August 23, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, he burst into the music scene in 2015 with his debut mixtape "Lil Boat." His distinctive style blends trap and mumble rap, often characterized by catchy melodies and playful lyrics. 

Net Worth of Lil Yacthy in 2023? Know How Rich is Rapper, Yachty

Lil Yachty, an American hip-hop recording artist, has achieved substantial success in the music industry, amassing a net worth of $8 million. Renowned for his hit tracks like "One Night," he is considered a trailblazer in the rap and hip-hop genres, bringing a fresh and innovative sound to the scene. 

Lil Yachty has net worth of $8 Million
Image: Rapper, Lil Yachty in his new haircut. Source: Sound Cloud

Despite the label of "mumble rap" often associated with this new wave of artists, Lil Yachty doesn't confine himself to any specific category. His unique style, marked by catchy tunes and inventive lyrics, has garnered a devoted fan base and solidified his position as a standout figure in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop.

Record Sales

As Lil Yachty's popularity surged, he attracted the interest of prominent record labels. In 2016, he inked a significant joint venture record deal with Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, and Motown Records.

This strategic partnership offered him an ideal platform to amplify his influence and propel his musical journey to new heights. Throughout his career, Lil Yachty has engaged in fruitful collaborations with esteemed artists like Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane, and Migos, which not only bolstered his reputation but also expanded his loyal fan base. 

These collaborations have been instrumental in solidifying his position as a rising star in the music industry.

How Much Does Lil Yachty Make From Tours and Concerts? 

Based on data from Bands in Town, Lil Yachty has performed 119 shows, with 26 this year and 93 in 2016. Reports suggest he earned around $100,000 per show in 2017, but this rate may have varied over time. 

In 2016, he charged $35,000 per gig. Considering these rates, he could have earned approximately $3.2 million from live shows in 2016 and $2.3 million this year. 

However, industry standards indicate that artists usually keep only about a third of the show revenue after expenses. So, Yachty's estimated earnings of over $5 million would translate to less than $2 million in take-home pay.

Lil Yacthy's Ticket Prices and Favourite Songs To Perform

For fans eager to experience the electrifying performances of Lil Yachty live, securing tickets won't break the bank. On popular ticketing platforms like SeatGeek, concert-goers can find Lil Yachty tickets starting at a reasonable $65.00, with an average price of around $100.00.

Lil Yachty tours and concerts
Image: Singer Lil Yachty performing live among his fans. Source: Wired

It's a fantastic opportunity for music enthusiasts to witness the dynamic stage presence and energy of this talented hip-hop artist without straining their budgets.

As with any artist's setlist, Lil Yachty's can vary from show to show, ensuring each performance is a unique and unforgettable experience. However, some of his top songs that are often featured in his sets include the infectious tracks "Strike," "drive ME crazy!," "Poland," "NBAYOUNGBOAT," the soulful "Coffin," and the lively "Yacht Club."

How Much Does Lil Yachty Charges Per Verse? Learn About Yachty's Spotify Income

Apart from his earnings from live performances, Lil Yachty also makes money through guest verses, with an estimated $94,500 from 27 completed verses at his $3,500 rate. His streaming numbers on Spotify are significant, with nearly 320 million streams of his solo songs. 

While Spotify's payouts are complex and ever-changing, using an average of $0.004891 per stream, Yachty's streams could have earned him around $1.5 million

Additionally, if he gets a cut from a breakout hit like "Broccoli," along with earnings from other streaming services like Apple Music, a substantial seven-figure payday could be on the horizon. However, exact details on distribution among labels, producers, and co-writers remain undisclosed.

Luxurious Car Collections

Lil Yachty, the successful American hip-hop recording artist, is no stranger to the world of luxury cars. With his substantial net worth of $8 million, he has indulged in an impressive collection of high-end automobiles.

Lil Yachty's new car
Image: Rapper, Lil Yachty with his car. Source: Instagram

Among his prized possessions is a Bentley, valued at approximately $180,000, and a sleek BMW 18, which costs around $148,500. Additionally, he owns a Mercedes G Wagon, an epitome of luxury, with a price tag of $124,500

Not one to shy away from extravagance, Lil Yachty also boasts a stunning Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the pinnacle of automotive excellence, valued at an impressive $379,886. These luxurious cars not only symbolize his financial success but also reflect his passion for all things extravagant.

Brand Endorsements and Advertisements

Outside of his music career and album releases, Lil Yachty has engaged in various other ventures, showcasing his versatility. Notably, he appeared in a Sprite commercial alongside basketball star LeBron James

His association with fashion and modeling has also been prominent, having worked with Yeezy, and later becoming the face of Nautica and Urban Outfitters clothing lines. In a unique brand affiliation, Lil Yachty collaborated with Donny Osmond to create a new theme song, "Start the Par-dee," for Chef Boyardee in 2018. 

He also expressed his support for Bernie Sanders in 2016, applauding the senator's commitment to the civil rights movement. These diverse affiliations reflect Lil Yachty's multifaceted persona beyond music.

Lil Yachty Arrested in 2015 For Credit Card Fraud

In 2015, prior to Lil Yachty's rise to fame, he found himself entangled in a credit card fraud scheme in Florida. Along with another individual, he was apprehended at a mall in Palm Beach, leading to his arrest. 

However, he was able to secure his release by posting an $11,000 bail bond shortly after. Being a teenager at the time, Lil Yachty later revealed in 2016 that his criminal records had been expunged, likely owing to his young age during the incident. 

As he embarked on his successful career in the music industry, the troubled past remained behind him, allowing him to focus on his music and talent.

Who is Lil Yachty's Baby Mama? 

In a 2016 interview with CNN, Lil Yachty voiced his endorsement for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election and praised Sanders for his involvement in the civil rights movement.

Lil Yachty the rapper
Image: Rapper, lil Yachty with his team member. Source: Bustle

On October 20, 2021, Lil Yachty shared the news of the birth of his first child, a daughter. However, he did not disclose the identity of the child's mother.

On December 20, 2018, Lil Yachty joined FaZe Clan, a prominent esports organization. He actively participated in competitive Fortnite tournaments as part of his affiliation with the gaming group.

Career Highlights

Lil Yachty is an American rapper and musician known for his unique style of "bubblegum trap" music. He gained fame in 2015 when his song "One Night" went viral on SoundCloud. Since then, he has released several successful mixtapes and studio albums, collaborating with prominent artists like Chance the Rapper and Drake

Yachty's music incorporates quirky samples and themes from pop culture, and he has been labeled as a representative of the mumble rap subgenre. Besides his music career, Yachty has ventured into modeling and endorsements, and he has appeared in various high-profile campaigns. 

In his personal life, he has shown support for social causes and revealed the birth of his daughter in 2021. In 2022, he faced a class-action lawsuit over promoting a cryptocurrency company.

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