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Who is Liu Yifei's Boyfriend in 2021? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Published Tue Jul 20 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Liu Yifei's Boyfriend in 2021? Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Who is Liu Yifei Dating in 2021? Find All the Details of Her Love Life Here!  

Internationally known as the Disney cover girl for the live-action film Mulan, Liu Yifei is an accomplished actor, singer, model, and fashion icon in China. She may still be an upcoming star in Hollywood, but the actress is listed among the best in China.

Liu was born on August 25, 1987, in Wuhan, Hubei. She immigrated to America with her divorcee mother, Liu Xiaoli, when she was only 10. Liu returned to her native as a 13-year-old young aspirant. Over the years, Yifei has become a controversial figure in China. Everything about her has been attracting headlines lately, whether it's her contrasting political takes or love life.

Has Yifei Liu Rekindled Her Relationship with Ex Beau?

Netizens almost lost it when rumors sparked that Yifei Liu and her ex-boyfriend, Song Seung Heon, a Korean model/actor, patched up after nearly two years after their split. Yifei's fervent fans weren't fond of the pair, it seems. One fan wrote, "Are they testing the waters to see what people's reaction will be to their rekindling?"  

Liu Yifei is a Chinese-American actress and singer.

Yifei and Heon's romance turned reel to real after The Third Way of Love.
Photo Source: Today Online

According to Today, Yifei and Heon first met in 2013 on the set of The Third Way of Love. The Chinese-Korean romance movie was released on 25th September 2015. But love soon turned real for the onscreen couple. In August 2015, the duo made their relationship official.   

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Yifei and her former boyfriend kept a low profile while they dated. They were often snapped on their day out. Heon had even publicly admitted to his desire to marry Liu someday. The Korean actor thought Yifei was wife material. He had further added, "I'm not good enough for her." 

Liu Yifei dated Korean actor Song Seung Heon.

 Netizens think Heon is pulling stuff to use his ex-girlfriend's popularity for clout. 
Photo Source: Tzuyu

After over two years together, Yifei and Heon parted ways in January 2018. The reason cited was their hectic work schedule. Heon recently liked Liu's post on Weibo, after which the speculation started.

Reps Address Dating Rumors and More! 

After relentless trolls and criticism from netizens, Seun Heon's reps have finally addressed the rumor. They said a staff member had accidentally clicked the like button; reps denied the dating rumors. Liu's fans cited that Song deliberately did it to use Yifei's popularity to gain some clout.   

Liu Yifei is known as fairy sister in China.

 Fans fear the Mulan star might get banned in China. 
Photo Source: Married Celeb

Heon rose to fame with the 2000 romantic drama Autumn in My Heart. His other notable credits include My Princess, Dinner Mate, and Fate. He is currently rumored to be dating Song Hye Ko. For Yifei, Heon was the first and last man she publicly admitted dating.   

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The actress isn't linked with any other man as of now. But Yifei has a lot on her plate right now, and introducing a new man would be a big no-no for her reputation. In 2019, she stood up for the Hong Kong police. Liu, since then, has been in trouble with the state. Some fear the actress might get banned.  

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