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Who is Ismael Cruz Cordova's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Published Fri Jul 09 2021 By Heisenberg
Who is Ismael Cruz Cordova's Wife? Learn About His Married Life Here

Is Ismael Cruz Cordova Single or Dating? All Details Here!  

Ismael Cruz Córdova, a Puerto Rican native, boasts an impressive resume in television, stage and has been expanding his brand on the silver screen these days. He rose to nationwide fame playing Mando on Sesame Street. Córdova's other credits include Miss Bala, Exposed, and In the Blood.  

Born in Aguas Buenas, Córdova polished his talents in the University of Puerto Rico's Drama Department and Tisch School of the Arts. Córdova has been forthcoming about his work and consistently bared his opinionated side for fans, but has he allowed any peek at his love life? Continue reading to find out.  

Who is Córdova's Wife?  

With great fame comes great fandom, and in Córdova's case, the fandom mostly comprises girls. He's not married yet, but despite his huge base of fangirls, he's not in a relationship either. Córdova is single and in the market as of March 2022. So far, the Latin hunk's desire to date in this stage of his career remains almost unlikely.   

 Ismael Cruz Cordova is a Puerto Rico-born actor.

Córdova's official relationship status is single in 2021.
Photo Source: Married Celeb

Córdova has remained expressive about sensitive topics. He frequently opines on the Black Lives Matter Movement, advocates for the LGBTQ movement and women empowerment, but he has kept mum about his love life over the years. He has been active in the industry since 2003, and not once has the actor stirred any dating rumors.    

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Following the success of his action thriller, Miss Bala, fans couldn't help but ship Córdova with his co-star and fellow Latin actress, Gina Rodriguez. Gina is married to Joe Locicero; hence her's and Ismael's chemistry remains limited to screen only.

Learn About Córdova and His Early Life!  

A woman may be the reason behind a man's success, but for Córdova, his family happens to be the foundation. Ismael shares that it was his parent's untethering support and trust in him that he has made it so far. Cruz says after playing in Ray Donovan, his life took a turn. "My mom remains my No. 1 fan still," says Cuz.    

Ismael Cruz Cordova is close to his family.

 Córdova with his grandmother.
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Córdova reveals he pursued acting because it was a perfect platform to represent his community. Growing up poor and disenfranchised, Cruz says he wanted to re-enfranchise his community and people via cinema. Recalling his early struggles, he says, “It was winter in New York, and I was broke and depressed.” Even though he's built up riches over the years, he's not forgotten where he's come from.

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He further adds that it was the support of his family that kept him grateful and moving.“I learned that sometimes, even in your darkest times, you have to take a moment to take stock of how powerful you are," Cruz told Oprah Daily.  Ismael won over Nicole Kidman in the 2020 thriller, The Undoing.  

  Córdova on the set of "The Undoing."Photo Source: Instagram

Praising her co-star, Kidman said, "He has the most compelling eyes," she adds, "All of the characters, you have to feel and you can't quite read them, and Ismael did it." Cruz will star in two awaited upcoming this year, the Amazon series, The Lord of the Rings, and the British thriller, Settlers.  

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