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Inside Lucille Ball and Husband Desi Arnaz's Love Story, All Details Here

Published Wed Dec 22 2021 By Tashipalmo
Inside Lucille Ball and Husband Desi Arnaz's Love Story, All Details Here

 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's scandalous relationship: The complete truth here!  

Thirty-two years since her death, Hollywood's legendary actress Lucille Ball's name is trending again, stirring up a trove of controversies associated with the late actress. The recently released Being the Ricardos, a biographical drama, follows the scandalous relationship between Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, played by Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem, respectively.  

Lucille Désirée Ball was born on August 6, 1989, in Jamestown, New York; Ball's stride into showbiz started from Broadway, where she went by Dianne Belmont. After many failed stints, Ball would get her big break in the musical Too Many Girls. But as she starred in the 1951 sitcom alongside her husband, Ball would rise to astronomical stardom, soon being dubbed as America's most famous and funniest woman.  

Inside Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's relationship! 

1940 musical comedy Too Many Girls marks the onset of an ill-fated relationship between Ball and Desi, an actor and musician. The pair, madly in love, eloped and married the same year. The budding stars also showcased a side of their relationship on the sitcom I Love Lucy, where they played a married couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.   

Lucille Ball was married to Desi Arnaz for 20 years.

On-screen, Ball and Desi were the perfect couple. 
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Spanning six seasons, the sitcom showed the Ricardos couple as a middle-class pair, navigating life, mostly troubles, that Lucy's ambitious and overzealous feats land them in. Often dubbed the greatest sitcom, I Love Lucy brought endless laughs and happiness to its viewers. But the onscreen narrative couldn't be further away from the truth.   

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Long before I Love Lucy even premiered, troubles had already knocked on the door of Ball and Arnaz's marriage. In 1994, the actress filed for a divorce, citing Desi's drinking and infidelity as the cause. However, they reconciled and had their first child, Lucie Désirée Arnaz, in 1951. The couple welcomed their second child, Desi Arnaz Jr., in 1954.  

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had two kids.

 Ball called her marriage with Arnaz "a nightmare." 
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While things couldn't be more perfect onscreen, the couple's relationship was slowly falling apart off-screen. Many believe Arnaz's rampant infidelity to be the root cause of their end, whereas many cite his alcoholism and wild demeanor as the reason. The Hollywood power couple's marriage ended in March 1060, as Ball filed for divorce and called her marriage with Arnaz "a nightmare."  

Lucille Ball's second marriage!   

A year after she ended her 20 years long marriage with Arnaz, Lucille began dating a comedian named Gary Morton, later referred to as Lucille Ball's boyfriend. Lucille: The Life of Lucille Ball author Kathleen Brady describes Lucille's attraction to Morton due to his oblivious attitude towards her stardom.  

'Being the Ricardos' premiered on December 10. 
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The couple tied the knots in November of 1961 in New York. Ball's decision to marry Morton amazed everyone. Not only was Morton "no one" in front of Lucille, but he was also 13 years younger. Ball's long friend and a fellow comedian, Bob Hope, notes, "That one of the most respected and richest people in show business would take up with a second banana amazed those who did not know her well."    

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Morton closely worked with his wife for the remainder of her life and career; they were married until Ball's dBall'sn April 1989. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, Being the Ricardos hit the theatre on December 10, 2021. It also stars Jake Lacy, Ronny Cox, and J.K. Simmons. 

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