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Madelyn Cline's Parents: Learn About Her Family Life

Published Mon Aug 02 2021 By Tashipalmo
Madelyn Cline's Parents: Learn About Her Family Life

Did Madelyn Cline Go Against Her Parents' Wish? All the Details of Her Family!

Madelyn Cline, a rising star, is just getting started. Best known for starring in the role of Sarah Cameron on the Netflix drama series Outer Banks, Cline has several projects coming up soon. Her other lesser-known credits include The Jury, 23rd Psalm: Redemption, and Savannah Sunrise.  

Madelyn Renee Cline was born on December 21, 1997, in Goose Creek, Carolina. She started her onscreen journey by appearing in TV commercials. Even though it appears that she'd realized her dreams early on, she didn't have her parents' complete consent to pursue the glamourous career.

Madelyn Cline's Parents Didn't Want Her in Showbiz!

Because Cline didn't come from a celebrity background, her career was a gradual success. She has been acting since 2011. Her parents apparently wanted her to have a career in academia. Cline revealed when she decided to drop out and follow her dreams, her parents, Pam Cline and Mark Cline, didn't support the idea.    

Madelyn Cline rose to fame with Netflix's Outer Banks.

Madelyn Cline reveals her parents disapproved of her dream in showbiz. 
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Some might find it harsh on Madelyn's parents' side, but given her parents' nil affiliation with showbiz, perhaps theirs was an anticipated reaction. Cline's mother, Pam, is a real estate agent. Her dad, Mark, is an engineer and works with the Charleston Water System.

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In conversation with Glamour Magazine, Cline recalls the time she decided to face her parents. "I know this is what you guys want me to do, but it's not what I want, so I'm just going to drop out and move to L.A. I don't need help, I just wish for your support," Cline reveals she confessed to her parents.

Madelyn Cline is set to star in Knives Out 2.

Her parents' words kept her going, says the Outer Banks' star. 
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The actress said that she had to share a jailhouse apartment with other aspiring actors. Even during those struggling days, Madelyn says it was her parents' advice that got her through it. "If you ain't wrecking it, you ain't racing," she would repeat her parents' words to herself.

Madelyn Cline's Upcoming Works!   

The Outer Banks star's fame is clearly past her struggling days. In her next projects, she is set to star alongside some big names. The first in the trove of her upcoming is Knives Out 2. The hotly-anticipated murder mystery stars Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, and Cline herself.   

Madelyn Cline is dating Chase Stokes.

 Madelyn and her beau Chase Stokes have a very healthy relationship. 
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A sequel to Knives Out, which was a huge commercial and critical success, Knives Out 2 will have Craig, aka detective Blanc, reprise his role. The production of the movie began on June 28 it is scheduled to conclude on August 28. Cline will also join the ensemble cast of This is the Night.   

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Cline has been on the news lately because of her ongoing romance with co-star Chase Stokes. The couple fell in love on the sets of Outer Banks and have been candid about their relationship. In a recent interview with US Weekly, they revealed they have a very healthy relationship.  

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