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Does Malcolm Gladwell Have a Wife? Is He Married or Single at the Moment?

Published Sun Oct 13 2019 By Chester
Does Malcolm Gladwell Have a Wife? Is He Married or Single at the Moment?

Find out the relationship details of one of the magnificent Canadian journalists Malcolm Gladwell.

Many of you might recognize the British born Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell for his finest works on some of the top-selling publishing outlets like 'The New Yorker', 'The Washington Post' and many others. 

In addition, his best books such as 'The Tipping Point', 'Blink', 'Outliers', 'What the Dog Saw', and 'Other Adventures' have been 'The New York Times Best Seller.' 

Malcolm Gladwell's relationship status is still blinking the orange lights!

But do you know him well enough? His personal life details, marital status, relationships via which he was able to fill all intriguing writings.

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So, in-order to know Malcolm better, we have come up with the details of the 56-year-old journalist.

Malcolm Gladwell's Marital Status: Is he Married?

As of now, a 56-year-old Malcolm is still an unmarried person. 

Malcolm seems obsessed with books than relationships.
SOURCE: The NY Times

The author is yet to unveil the wraps behind his single life and has remained silent regarding the matter.

But it doesn't mean 'Order of Canada' awardee is against Marriage, taking to 'Larry King' show Malcolm shared few words in-support to LGBTQ people and supporting gay marriages.

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And shortly after, the interview, critics and media outlets questioned about Malcolm's sexuality. But Gladwell often excuses from the subject when raised.

This might also be one of the reasons audiences come with various gossips; however, Malcolm is yet to clear the fog.
Despite all the rumors and gossips, Malcolm is enjoying his single life at the peak of his career.

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