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Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss - Find Out How an Indian American Chef Lost Weight

Published Sun Apr 12 2020 By Chester
Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss - Find Out How an Indian American Chef Lost Weight

Find out the incredible weight loss journey of Indian American celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan.

When you are focused on cooking tasty recipes, it's simply irresistible to try all the meals. And when it comes to celebrity chefs like Maneet Chauhan, the chances are even more.

Yes, the 'Chopped on the Food' judge Chauhan was never overweight, but she was also assured that she was not the healthiest too. So we would not just say Maneet just went through weight loss, but also figured out her diet was not working well. So here we present you with all the secret formulas of chef Maneet Chauhan who opted to shape such curvy shapes.

Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss Journey

The mother of two Maneet Chauhan was able to lose a great amount of mass of around 40 pounds i.e. 18.14 kg. And behind such an incredible weight loss journey, she credits 'Moderation' as the key to her incredible yet intelligent weight loss. Similarly, David Goggins lost 106 pounds in three months.

The special Indian Cuisine chef before and after.
The special Indian Cuisine chef before and after.
Image Source: Parade

The 45 years old Chauhan initiated with basic routine and regime, such as sipping apple cider vinegar with hot water every morning. She said that “It was important for her to be healthy not only for the way she look or feel but also for the message that she was sending to her kids.

If you conduct some research on the cider vinegar, then it's proven to remove toxins out of the body and also helps the body in metabolism. You are adding to that she now drinks only black coffee without adding any extra cream and sugar to it. 

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Maneet's Easy Workout 

The culinary mogul Maneet has also turned into an inspiration that you can live a healthy life without compromising the food you love the most. 

As the world is getting smarter, Maneet used fitness app MyFitnessPal, which used to read how much calories she burned per day. Talking to fitness magazine Nashville Fitness Magazine she shared, 

If I'm at the airport and the lounge is over there, I'm like, "No, I haven't done my steps." So, I walk from one end of the airport to the other with my suitcase.

When it comes to her workout, Maneet marked a strict routine: to take the prescribed step, joggins, and yeah, it's done, easy, isn't it? So stop procrastinating and being lazy as the right food preference and some minutes can turn out to be great result you'd been worried about the whole time.

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