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What does Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid's Boyfriend do for a living? What is his Net Worth?

Published Mon Apr 25 2022 By bishalgurunj
What does Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid's Boyfriend do for a living? What is his Net Worth?

What does Bella Hadid's new lover Marc Kalman do? Know his net worth and salary!

In the realm of glamour, Marc Kalman is a well-known name. He is an art director from the United States with a keen sense of style. He previously worked as a fashion assistant for T Magazine and The New York Times, where he had great success. He's also designed the Made Fashion Week logo, Travis Scott's album cover, and a slew of other famous gigs.

Despite his enormous achievements in the fashion world, he maintains a low profile on social media, with a private Instagram account. He also has a slew of high-profile fans, including model Fai Khadra, artist Diplo, and fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Let's take a look at his personal life and learn more about his relationship, net worth, and earnings.

What does Marc Kalman Do For a Living? What is his Net Worth?

Marc is undeniably a successful figure in the world of fashion. His remarkable actions have helped him land a number of high-profile jobs in the glamour industry. He is a well-known art director and fashion assistant who has made a name for himself in the field. Kalman is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. His work as an art director provides him with the most of his income.

Marc Kalman has an estimated net worth of $1 million

Image: Marc Kalman spends time with his girlfriend, Bella Hadid during Christmas. Source: Cosmo Politanme

An average art director earns roughly $127,660 per year; however, if he is successful in the business, he will be paid more. Furthermore, his annual earnings are projected to be in excess of $200,000. His girlfriend, Bella Hadid, on the other hand, has a net worth of $25 million

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In 2017, she was paid $6.5 million, and in 2018, she was paid $8.5 million. In the same year, she has listed seven highest-earning models with $9.5 Million of income.

Wonderful Dating Life With Model Bella Hadid

Marc is frequently in the spotlight as a result of his illustrious profession. He also drew a lot of media attention because of his connection. He is currently in a love relationship with Bella, his girlfriend. She is a nationally recognized equestrian and an American supermodel. named her Model of the Year in 2016.

Marc Kalman and Bella Hadid have been dating since early 2020

Image: Marc Kalman enjoying a day out with his girlfriend, Bella Hadid. Source: Vogue

In July 2020, they met for the first time, giving us an insight into their relationship. Mutual friends introduced them, and they formed a sweet friendship. They began dating on July 8, 2021, after being seen together during the Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week.

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