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What is Marcus Rutherford's Net Worth? Learn all the Details Here

Published Tue Jun 08 2021 By Tashipalmo
What is Marcus Rutherford's Net Worth? Learn all the Details Here

Marcus Rutherford's Net Worth in 2021: Get the Complete Details Here!  

In the 2018 English drama Obey, Marcus Rutherford played the protagonist Leon, which was directed by Jamie Jones. Starring opposite actress Sophie Kennedy Clarks, reviewers credited Marcus's quiet magnetism for alleviating the movie, which otherwise would've been a drag. Rutherford is an actor and model from Nottingham, England.  

An emerging face in the industry, Marcus's bright future ahead became pretty obvious when the actor captured people's hearts with his debut movie Obey and got nominated for Best Actor. Rutherford may have turned heads with his brilliant portrayal of the abandoned protagonist in the film, but now he is set to attract even a larger audience. 

He has landed a role in the hotly-anticipated Amazon's The Wheel Of Time, quite tremendous progress for him. Continue reading to find out more about Rutherford. 

How Much is Rutherford Valued at in 2021?     

After his big hit in 2018, for which he received three UK National film Award nominations, Rutherford has appeared in only a handful of projects. Later the year, Marcus appeared in the television show Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investogator.   

Marcus Rutherford is an actor and model.

 Marcus first shot to fame with the 2018 hit movie Obey.
Photo Source: The Italian Reve

Given Marcus's sparse profile as an actor, it is obvious that the actor doesn't boast a staggering net worth, but looking at Marcus's steady pace, he won't take long to get there. In 2019, Rutherford's net worth was estimated to be $0.4 million, which was then estimated at $0.5 million in 2020. As of 2021, Rutherford's net worth is still under review.   

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Besides his silver screen debut in 2018, Rutherford had also starred in the 2017 short movie County Lines, opposite Montserrat Roig de Puig and Kai Francis Lewis. Also, an aspiring model, Marcus's feat in modeling is underway, just like his acting career. But that's not all about the 26-year-old actor. Marcus is also passionate about writing and has also hinted at his plans to try directing someday.  

Rutherford's Upcoming Projects!  

Amazon's The Wheel Of The Time creator, Robert Jordan, took to Twitter in August 2019 and announced Rutherford for the role of Perrin Aybara. Aybara in the series is a character who has withstood all the sorrows and protected those he could. Jordan further added, "I think Marcus Rutherford @marcus_rudda has the acting chops to carry his journey and the nuances of his character well."   

Marcus Rutherford shot to fame from 2018 film Obey.

 Rutherford will be playing the role of Perrin Aybara in the upcoming The Wheel Of The Time.
Photo Source: IMDb

An awaited series amongst fans, starring bonafide stars like Rosamund Pike and many talented newcomers like Josha Stradowski, Barney Harris. To top it, it's an epic fantasy tale based on the best-selling novel of the same name. Deadline reported that Amazon renewed the series for the second season ahead of its launch, considering the wild buzz around it.    

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Marcus also landed a small role named Dezzy in the star-studded British TV series Bulletproof. The Brit actor shares, he didn't have an agent when he first started in the industry and naturally found his way around it because of his obsession. He further reveals it was the movie Stand By Me which inspired him to choose acting. 

Marcus Rutherford to star in The Wheel Of The Time.

"I just love there is an infinite number of worlds, stories, and characters to be created," Rutherford.
Photo Source: The Personage

In his interview with Italianreve, Marcus puts his love for acting into words. “I just love that there’s an infinite number of worlds, stories, characters, and lines to be created. I guess it’s quite cathartic, as actors can find themselves being selfish, sly, outlandish, farcical, alongside several other traits the average person tries to suppress," said Rutherford.  

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