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Facts about Maria Teresa Vera; Acclaimed Cuban Singer

Published Fri Feb 07 2020 By Christina
Facts about Maria Teresa Vera; Acclaimed Cuban Singer

The professional musician and songwriter, popularly known as the grande dame of Cuban music, Maria Teresa Vera was the greatest female Trova singer of all time. 

Maria helped define rural folk-style music known as Trova, which is specifically for the traveling musicians. On February 06, 2020, Google celebrated Vera's 125th birthday with a feature on Google Doodle. Here are some of the facts of the acclaimed Cuban singer. 

► Vera Was Born in Guanajay, Cuba 

The epitome of a singer was born on February 06, 1895, in the province of Pinar del Rio. Today marks the 125th birthday of the Cuban singer. 

Maria was born in Guanajay

Google honoured Maria with her doodle in her 125th birthday.
Source: Cuban Culture Center

Maria began her guitar career from Jose Diaz, who taught her from the basics. She got her first performance at the age of 15 while paying a public tribute to Arquimedes Pous. 

► The Greatest Female Trova Singer of All Time

Cuban singer and guitarist Maria Teresa Vera was the composer of the nation's rural folk song style, Trova. Maria had an exceptional music career in the 20th century when generally, it was a man's area.

maria with her guitar

Maria Teresa Vera is also called as the 'Grande dame of Cuban music'
Source: People Pill

Trova is a rural folk song style that was sung by itinerant musicians known as 'trovadores' who traveled around Cuba Oriente province, especially Santiago de Cuba. The trovadores generally played guitar and earned their money. 

► Singing Career 

Vera commenced her career as a prominent singer in 1911 through theater, singing at the Criolla Mercedes of Manuel Corona. 

Maria with her band sextetoccidente

Maria with her group, Sexteto Occidente.
Source: Alarmy

Maria engaged with Rafael Zequeira to make over a hundred recordings together in New York. She also joined Lorenzo Hierrezuelo to form a 27-year duet in 1935. Some of her songs became a regular feature on Havana's radio stations as well. 

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Teresa also joined a talented group of musicians and founded a group called 'Sexteto Occidente'. However, due to personal issues, the guitarist abandoned the group and joined popular orchestra of Justa Garcia

► A Descendant of a Slave and a Spanish Military Official 

The all-time singer has quite a peculiar family background, having been born in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. 

Maria was a descendent of a slave

Some of Maria's outstanding works are Por qué me siento triste, No me sabes querer, Yo quiero que tú sepas. 
Source: Encaribe

According to the Rincondeyudith blog, Maria was the granddaughter of slaves and the daughter of a Spanish military official father, who chose to stay on the island after the Great Independence war. 

► Maria Died at the Age of 70

The versatile singer recorded upto two hundred songs and played more than a thousand songs in her lifetime. 

Watch: Maria Teresa Vera - Veinte años

The woman, who still had so much to do, died at the age of 70 on December 16, 1965. After her demise, there was a small theater built in the singer's name in her hometown. There is a collection of songs recorded to celebrate her 100th birthday in the tribute album 'A Maria Teresa Vera.'

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