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Marty Smith Net Worth - Ever Wondered How Rich the ESPN Journalist is?

Published Wed Apr 29 2020 By Chester
Marty Smith Net Worth - Ever Wondered How Rich the ESPN Journalist is?

Learn the net worth detail of American sports journalist Martin Smith who is currently working for ESPN. 

All the NASCAR lovers might be familiar with the name Martin Smith who us famous for NLF, sports coverage on sports channel ESPN. Since we've been hearing and seeing him for such a long time, and as we all know, how big numbers of cash each sports player posses like Niki Lauda who holds fortune of $200 million.

In a similar fashion, the majority of the racing car followers and Martin's followers seem curious about the net worth Martin made throughout his career as a renowned journalist. 

Martin Smith Net Worth 

Living life of riches and luxuries.

Living life of riches and luxuries.
Image Source: @MartySmithEspn

As of 2020, Martin Smith's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. The sources behind such staggering wealth are credited to his successful career at one of the biggest sports channel ESPN. 

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As per reports from Players Wiki, Smith yearly earns around $250 thousand from ESPN. And as of 2018, his net worth was estimated to be around $2 million. So the high paychecks from the sports channel helped him live a luxurious life.

Martin Smith Career

Martyn, 44, who always loved sports, was fond of Football the most. He was also part of the state champion football team. Unfortunately, Football was not destined to be, and despite trying so hard, he was not able to gain success. 

Later he decided to quit Football and chose journalism as his professional career. Subsequently, he joined ESPN as a sports reporter. 

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As in now, he is married to his longtime sweetheart turned wife Lainie Smith and is a father of three children, Cambron, Mia, and Vivian Smith. 

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