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What is Niki Lauda Net Worth? Details Of Niki Lauda Income, Lifestyle, Career, House, Cars!

Published Wed May 22 2019 By Andrew
What is Niki Lauda Net Worth? Details Of Niki Lauda Income, Lifestyle, Career, House, Cars!

Niki Lauda was one of the most prolific race car drivers in the history of F1 with his name in shining star. His 14 years of a successful career in the racing scene earned him a phenomenal amount of fame and is considered one of the best racers ever. The world mourns his death as he passed away on Monday, 20th May 2019.

Niki Lauda earned a lot of fame as a result of his longlasting successful spot in the limelight. The widely acclaimed status as a racecar driver sure stacked him a lot of greens. Let's know about his net worth, income, lifestyle, car collection and so on.

What was Niki Lauda's net worth? Know about his car collection.

Niki Lauda summoned massive net worth for himself through his long-running career as a race car driver. The race car driver's net worth was an estimated $200million (£157.79 million).

Niki commenced his racing career back in the late 1960s moving away from his family. Initially, he took a bank loan of $45000 to buy his way into the Formula 2 circuit in 1971. However, the bank didn't believe him over the security of the loan, so he bought an insurance policy worth $20,000 to ensure the debt gets paid in case of his death.

 Niki Lauda dead aged 70.

SOURCE: Washington Post

Lauda got so famous over the years that he was offered €1.2million just to provide a small portion in his signature red helmet. 

His family was relatively wealthy, with his paternal grandfather being the businessman Hans Lauda. He inherited the company Lauda Air from his family adding up to his net worth significantly.

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Three-time Formula One winning race car driver was the owner and chairman of LaudaMotion. He founded the company back in 2003 naming it as Niki Airline initially. To add up, Lauda then sold it to Air Berlin, which was wound up last year.

Check out: Niki Lauda and a reporter flying one of his plane.

Now after his death Raynair has decided to buy 75% share of his airline company Lauda Motion that Niki bought as Amira Air. According to reports, Ryanair maintained on Tuesday that an investment of €100 million (ie $111,524,500) in Austria’s LaudaMotion. The acquiring company has the plan to develop it as a low-fares airline.

Niki Lauda Car Collection 

Niki Lauda, given his immense interest in car racing and astounding wealth sure resulted in some of the priciest cars in ending up in his garage. He sure made the most out of his collection as he was seen roaring those pricy and powerful engines time and again. 

Lauda's car collection included a Ferrari F40 worth $1.2 million, Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition priced at $0.4 million, a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO that costs $2.1 million and a Mercedes Benz AMG GT worth $113,000.

Nicki Lauda's Earnings and Incomes

Niki Lauda was being paid a whopping $2.5 million annually while enjoying a four-year contract from 2016-2020 as Non-executive chairman in Mercedes AMG F1 team by the boss of the same team Toto Wolff. 

Lauda was the chairman and owner of Lauda Motion airlines which was listed as one of the most successful airlines' company all over Europe. The airline giant enjoyed the yearly profits ranging between $150 million to $350 million. 

 Lauda was a racing phenomenon.

SOURCE: Washington Post

In 2018 alone, Niki made $45 million from his endorsement deals and advertisement campaigns. The retired racecar driver was still treated as a massive celebrity among the race car enthusiasts adding up substantial amounts to his net worth by the day.

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The prolific racer also served as a manager for various prestigious racing car giants such as Mercedes, Ferarri, and Porche. As a matter of fact, his expertise did get compensated quite well by these companies as his average salary as the manager of the company ranged from around $1.5 million to $3 million.

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Moreover, Lauda won various racing titles over his elongated career as a racecar driver which has remained to be the most significant contribution in his net worth till date. He bagged an estimated total of $55 million along the way of his astounding racing career and numerous big wins.