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Matt Goss' New Girlfriend is the Ex-Wife of Former EastEnders Hunk Paul Nicholls

Published Sat May 21 2022 By sujan
Matt Goss' New Girlfriend is the Ex-Wife of Former EastEnders Hunk Paul Nicholls

Know who Matt Gross is? Details regarding his girlfriend, an ex-wife of former EastEnders Hunk Paul Nicholls, are here in this article.

Matthew Weston Goss was born in England in the city of Lewisham. He is an English singer-songwriter and musician who resides in the United States by profession. They are a 1980s pop group named Bros. His twin brother, Luke, plays drums in the band. Matt Goss was the main vocalist of the English pop band BROS. A lot of people appreciated Bros' debut album, "Push." 

It reached platinum four times, had eight top-five singles, and was on the UK charts for 54 weeks. Goss is the son of performers Carol Philips and Alan Goss, both of whom are well-known actors. It turns out that he has a twin brother called Luke Goss, who is also an actor. Twin brother Luke Goss was in the 1980s band Bros. Goss has published two books: More Than You Know: The Autobiography and Bear Crimbo, a novel for youngsters.

Recently he was at the center of attraction after being spotted with his girlfriend on the way. It is normal to have a girlfriend and walk alongside her. But the exciting thing is that she is the ex-wife of Former EastEnders Hunk Paul Nicholls. Here in this article, we will talk about Matt's relationship with his girlfriend.

Matt Goss' New Girlfriend is the Ex-Wife of Former EastEnders Hunk Paul Nicholls

Matt Goss' new girlfriend has been revealed to be the ex-wife of former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls, who is now dating Matt. Last month, the 53-year-old musician said he was head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Chantal Brown. He described her as 'funny and not at all consumed with social media.' Paul and Chantal first met in 1997, while Chantal was dating one of Paul's buddies. They began dating in 2005. 

Matt Gross and his girlfriend were spotted going out holding hands.

Image: Matt Gross and his girlfriend stepping out
Source: Google

Three years later, the pair married in a simple ceremony. 'I don't even look at other ladies anymore because I adore her,' Paul remarked of his wife. She is part of my soul. At the time, Chantal was signed as a model by Kate Moss's agency, Storm. She appeared in television commercials for Oil of Olay and Cornetto ice cream. Paul remained silent about his love life after their 2015 breakup. 

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Chantal faded from public view after their breakup. Matt was seen on a date with Chantal recently. Melani Sykes, Rebecca Ferguson, and Martine McCutcheon have all dated the Bros frontman in the past. In March 2022, he said, "I'm having a great time with my girlfriend, Chantal."

A Dating App once Kicked Matt Gross Out

Matt got thrown off by a dating app and had to find another one to utilize. They assumed he was an imposter, and he was too ashamed to tell them the truth. The 53-year-old singer used an internet matching service to attempt to find love. 

Matt Gross was kicked out of the dating app, believing he was an imposter.

Image: Matt Gross was Blocked from the Dating app
Source: Instagram @mattgoss

"I was taken off because they said, 'We don't believe Matt Goss would want you emulating him,'" he told BBC Radio 5. I didn't want to reply, "No, it's me, it's truly me." Then I can show you my numbers. You can view a nude photo, too. Because I was frightened to say, "I'm sort of desperate, and I'm trying to meet someone here," I didn't.

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