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Matthew Fox Weight Loss - Learn His Diet Here!

Published Fri Nov 29 2019 By Chester
Matthew Fox Weight Loss - Learn His Diet Here!

Find out the shocking body transformation of American actor Matthew Chandler Fox.

The hardworking star Matthew Chandler Fox made headlines, well not just for his incredible acting skill but also for his incredible weight loss of 44 lbs (20kg) for thriller movie 'Alex Cross' released on October 15, 2012.

Since then, Matthew has been an inspiration to many for his shredded and inspiring MMA body type transformation. So we have come up with some of the intriguing details of how he was able to turn himself into the beast.

Matthew Fox Amazing Weight Loss

Alex Lost an whoopin 20kg weight for his new movie Alex Cross where he plays a serial killer.

Alex Lost a whooping 20kg weight for his new movie Alex Cross where he plays a serial killer.
SOURCE: Daily Mail

For such a shredded look, Matthew went through some intense workout to lose the weight to perfectly embody his role as a serial killer in the thriller 'Alex Cross.'

As a fun fact, he worked so hard to get the shape for the role, Alex could barely recognize himself after he saw the finished product. 

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Behind his rigid look, Matthew credits his amazing trainer Simon Waterson, yes, the same trainer who made Daniel Craig's come up with his hot James BondChris Evans in Captian America, and Gyllenhaal with his envying chest and abs in Prince of Persia.

Fox said sharing exclusively to E! News,

We worked really hard on this for five months. The training sessions were mostly circuit training. You're going non-stop from exercise to exercise, never taking any breaks for about an hour and a half. I was burning a lot of calories and working on certain muscle groups. It was very strategic on his part and very gradual.

In fact, he's only gained back about 15 pounds since finishing the flick. "I'm taking my time to put it back on, but eating all the things I love to eat," Fox said. "I have a terrible sweet tooth. All those pies, ice cream, and cookies were completely out the window when I was training. Pasta and bread were pretty much non-existent in the diet as well."

Alex's Thrilling Transformation in 'Alex Cross'

Alex Cross is based on novelist James Patterson's detective series, where Tyler Perry takes on the starring role.

The 6' 2'' tall star Matthew was not exactly in bad shape before the film, but he still shed nearly a fifth of his body weight for the role.

The actor shared he never wanted to lose weight in an unhealthily way, but I didn't know how to do it any other way. Citing some of the famous transformation, Matthew shared,

I read somewhere that when Christian Bale was preparing for The Machinist, he ate nothing but an apple a day for months. Just one apple. That can't be good for you.

After the production of the movie, he couldn't believe the way he looked on screen, 'I opened it up and was like 'holy s**t.' I could hardly even believe it was me. But, it was exactly what I wanted to look like.'

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Motivating, isn't it? So are you ready to hit some setup's and pushups? Hope you enjoyed the article; stay tuned, and find more intriguing weight loss article of your beloved celebrities only on Glamour Fame.