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Meet Olivia Namath: Unveiling the Life and Achievements Beyond Joe's Shadow

Published Tue Nov 21 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Olivia Namath: Unveiling the Life and Achievements Beyond Joe's Shadow

Olivia Namath, or Olivia Rose Namath, is one of the two daughters of the retired American football legend Joseph William Namath, famously known as Joe Namath. 

Her name, Olivia Rose, was inspired by her grandmother, Rose Namath. While she may not be widely recognized for her own achievements, her notable connection comes from being the daughter of the iconic football player.

Tied The Wedding Knots At the Age of Sixteen

Olivia Namath tied the knot with her longtime partner, Edwin Baker III, an American painter and sculptor, in June 2014 after several years of dating. \

Olivia Namath husband
Image: Olivia Namath with her husband and father. Source: Getty Images

A fascinating aspect of their story is that Olivia became a mother to a daughter named Natalia Namath in August 2007, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Notably, the couple welcomed their first child before officially getting married when Olivia was just 16 years old.

As of now, details about the current status of their married life remain undisclosed. The couple keeps a low profile, rarely making appearances in the media, and Olivia, in particular, does not maintain any presence on social media platforms.

Shares Three Kids With Husband, Edwin Baker

When Olivia Namath was 22, six years after giving birth to her daughter, she married her longtime boyfriend and the father of her child, Edwin Baker. Their wedding ceremony unfolded at Ca’d’Zan, the opulent mansion of John Ringling, renowned as the King of the Circus.

Baker, an artist immersed in street art, draws inspiration from luminaries such as Picasso and Basquiat. One of his most celebrated pieces is the 2018 collage titled "I Get Better Looking Every Day," showcased at the fourth edition of Art New York Baker, an annual event. 

In total Mr. and Mrs. Baker are parents of three beautiful kids. The names of kids are still unknown due to their nature of privacy. 

Why did Oliva Namath's Parents Get Divorced? 

In 1983, while taking a voice class, Joe Namath, then 39, met aspiring actress Deborah Mays, later known as Tatiana. They married in 1984 and had two children, Jessica (born 1986) and Olivia (born 1991). 

Despite being a longtime bachelor, Namath embraced family life. The couple divorced in 2000, with Namath overcoming alcoholism by 1987. 

Post-divorce, he briefly dated several notable figures. Some of them include Randi Oakes, Janis Joplin, Louisa Moritz, Jill St. John, and Raquel Welch

Olivia Namath Was Arrested in 2010

In 2010, Olivia Namath faced legal trouble in West Palm Beach when she was arrested for speeding. Upon inspection of her vehicle, law enforcement discovered an open bottle of rum and marijuana. 

During a search, half a pound of marijuana was found, and Olivia claimed to have no knowledge of the drugs, as reported by the Washington Post.

In contrast, prior to becoming a father, Olivia's husband, Edwin Baker, had a history of three arrests. His charges included possession of cocaine, burglary, and grand theft.

Relationship with Parents and Sister

Joe Namath has openly discussed the challenges of raising his two teenage daughters, particularly during the challenging period between the ages of 12 and 17, following his divorce. He expressed that during those years, it felt as though his daughters had unrealistic expectations of him.

Olivia Namath sibling
Image: Olivia Namath with her father and sister together. Source: Facebook

Despite the difficulties faced during their pre-teen and teenage years, many years have passed, and it appears that Joe Namath has a positive and loving relationship with his daughters, especially Olivia. 

Although specific details about his bond with Olivia are not available, indications suggest a healthy and affectionate connection. Notably, Joe Namath is supportive of his son-in-law Edwin Baker, often attending the art exhibitions of Olivia's husband.

Where Is Olivia Namath Today? 

While Olivia Namath doesn't frequently appear with her father Joe Namath, there's no indication of estrangement. The Super Bowl champion has joined Olivia and her husband Edwin at his art exhibitions. 

Olivia and Edwin maintain a low profile on social media, seemingly avoiding platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The couple successfully distances themselves from tabloid influence, making it challenging to discern Olivia's current lifestyle. Speculations hint at her busy life as a mother and potential support for her artist husband, Edwin Baker.

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Net Worth of Olivia Namath in 2023

As of 2023, Olivia Namath's estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. While her primary source of income is undisclosed, being the daughter of the legendary American football hero Joe Namath contributes significantly to her financial standing.

Joe Namath, her father, is reported to have a net worth of $25 million, and Olivia is considered a substantial part of his overall wealth.

Enjoying a lavish lifestyle, Olivia owns a variety of vehicles and resides in an opulent house, contributing to her comfortable and affluent way of life.

Father, Joe Natha is an NFL Legend

Joe Namath, born on May 31, 1943, is an American football icon renowned for revolutionizing the quarterback position. Hailing from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Namath achieved fame as "Broadway Joe" during his illustrious career.

Joe Namath NFL
Image: Joe Namath is a Menlegendary NFL player. Source: Men's Journal

He rose to prominence with the New York Jets in the 1960s, leading them to victory in Super Bowl III and earning MVP honors. Known for his charismatic personality, flashy style, and bold predictions, Namath became a cultural icon. 

Beyond football, he ventured into acting and business. Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Namath remains a legendary figure in American sports history.

How Old is Olivia Namath Today? 

Born on December 11, 1990, Olivia Rose Namath is the second daughter of NFL legend Joe Namath and actress Deborah Mays. Raised in a Roman Catholic home with Hungarian roots, Olivia had her high school education in Florida alongside her elder sister, Jessica. 

Despite her parents' fame, Olivia aimed to forge her own path. Joe Namath, renowned for his career as a New York Jets quarterback, and Deborah Mays, known for her role in "The Greatest American Hero," shaped Olivia's upbringing. The influence of her famous family aside, Olivia sought to navigate her childhood on her terms.

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