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Meet Scha Stacey Wife of Talented Cricket Player, Martyn Ford

Published Thu Jun 22 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Scha Stacey Wife of Talented Cricket Player, Martyn Ford

Sacha Stacey is an American fashion model. She rose to prominence as the wife of Martyn Ford. They have three kids together. Sacha is not only a loving mother but also a fitness icon in her own right. Martyn is known for his career as an actor, boxer, and fitness expert. 

Sacha is passionate about staying fit and actively engages in workout routines. Together, she and Martyn have three children, and their family appears to be content and harmonious, enjoying a fulfilling life together.

Happily Married To Martyn Ford

In a romantic gesture, Martyn Ford proposed to the love of his life, Sacha Stacey, in September 2018. The proposal took place in Disneyland, adding an element of magic to the moment. Sacha Stacey couldn't contain her happiness and took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her followers. She expressed her joy, writing, "So this just happened. Happiest girl ever."

Martyn Ford and Sacha Stacey are happpily married
Image: Sacha Stacey with her husband, Martyn Ford together. Source: Facebook

The couple then proceeded to exchange their vows in a heartfelt wedding ceremony in March 2019. The event was intimate, with close family and friends in attendance. Among the guests was Eddie Hall, the winner of the World's Strongest Man competition in 2017, who also served as Martyn's best man, adding a special touch to the occasion.

How Many Kids Does Sacha Stacey and Martyn Ford Have?

Sacha Stacey has an eldest child who was born in June 2012, making them around ten years old. It is unclear whether Martyn Ford is the father of this child or if they were together at the time of the child's birth. 

Sacha Stacey is mother of three
Image: Fitness model, Sacha Stacey with her three kids. Source: Instagram

The reason for this uncertainty is that Sacha began featuring Martyn on her Instagram page in 2014, suggesting their relationship might have started around that time. In February 2017, Sacha shared the exciting news of her second pregnancy on Instagram. She announced that she and Martyn were expecting their second child, referring to it as "baby Ford number 2." 

Sacha posted a photo of herself with her family, holding an ultrasound image of the unborn baby, expressing their happiness about the upcoming addition to their family. In August 2017, Stacey joyfully announced the arrival of their second child. She expressed her happiness and shared the news of the safe arrival of their second princess.

Welcoming Baby Number Three

In December 2019, Stacey shared the exciting news of her third pregnancy, announcing that she was expecting another child. The couple welcomed their son, Maddox, on July 6, 2020. 

After a few months, Stacey returned to her training at the gym, demonstrating her ability to balance motherhood, work, and her fitness routine.

Despite the challenges of parenting three children, Stacey and her husband have managed to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

They prioritize spending quality time together and make an effort to go on romantic dates. Despite their demanding careers, they also ensure they have dedicated time for their children and engage in fun activities as a family.

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Sacha Stacey is Originally From the UK

Sacha Stacey, the fitness enthusiast and wife of Martyn Ford, was born on December 30, 1988. As of 2023, she is in her mid-thirties, and her birthplace is confirmed to be the United Kingdom. 

However, specific details about her life before her marriage to Martyn are not publicly available, as Sacha is quite private about her early life. Information regarding her parents, siblings, and other aspects of her upbringing is challenging to uncover.

Sacha Stacey's husbanad
Image: Sacha Stacey with her husband, Martyn Ford at the event. Source: Facebook

By examining her Instagram feed, it becomes evident that Sacha exudes confidence, boldness, and elegance. This suggests that she likely had a well-adjusted upbringing, reflecting positively on her childhood.

Regarding her education, it is assumed that Sacha completed her studies at a local high school in the UK. Unfortunately, beyond these assumptions, not much information is available at this time.

Sacha Stacey is Fitness Freak Like Her Husband

Stacey and her husband, Ford, are frequently spotted working out together at the gym. Many people assume that she is a fitness trainer due to her well-maintained physique, but she has not confirmed this herself. In fact, her professional life remains undisclosed.

Sacha Stacey is fitness model
Image: Both Sacha Stacey and Martyn Ford are fitness freaks. Source: Instagram

Beyond her own personal achievements, Mrs. Ford is recognized for being the life partner of the highly talented bodybuilder, Martyn Ford. She is a devoted partner and mother to Martyn Ford's children. Furthermore, she shares a strong passion for fitness and gymming, aligning perfectly with Ford's own interests in the field.

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Net Worth of Sacha Stacey in 2023

While the exact net worth of Sacha Stacey has not been publicly disclosed, her husband Martyn Ford's net worth is estimated to be between $5 and $6 million. Martyn has achieved success in his acting career and enjoys sponsorships from fitness companies. Additionally, he has a fighting deal with the notable figure known as the Iranian Hulk.

As partners, it is common for couples to combine their financial resources and share in their overall wealth. Sacha also has opportunities to generate income through teaching and leveraging her fitness following, which can contribute to their shared financial resources.

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