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Meet Zayden Banks, Lil Durk's Son, and His Journey in the Spotlight

Published Thu Nov 09 2023 By Bsgurung
Meet Zayden Banks, Lil Durk's Son, and His Journey in the Spotlight

Meet Zayden Banks, the second son and third child of the famous American rapper and singer-songwriter, Lil Durk, who hails from the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. Lil Durk has made a significant mark in the music industry with hit albums like "Remember My Name" and "Lil Durk 2X."

As we take a closer look at Zayden Banks' life, we'll uncover the special connection he shares with his father and delve into the dynamics of their relationship. Join us on this journey as we discover intriguing insights into the world of this young student and his family ties with the renowned Lil Durk.

Is Zayden Banks Involved in Dating Games? 

At the age of 9, Zayden is simply enjoying his childhood, like any typical young boy. It's important to remember that at this stage, he's not involved in any romantic relationships, as he's far too young for that. 

Zayden Banks father
Image: Lil Durk with his son, Zayden Banks at the event. Source: Tuko News

As he grows older, it's possible that in a few years, he may develop an interest in dating and forming connections with others. However, for now, his main focus is on being a kid and cherishing the moments of his childhood.

Father, Lil Durk Relationship Highlights

Rapper Lil Durk's romantic history has been eventful, marked by several relationships and children with different mothers. He had his first child with Nicole Covone in 2011, followed by another in 2013, but their relationship was short-lived. 

Allegations of a relationship with Mia Burks emerged later, though the details of their breakup remain undisclosed. His romance with female rapper Dej Loaf in 2014, culminating in the hit single "My Beyonce," ended in 2016 due to busy schedules. 

Lil Durk had a brief relationship with Takala Welch, and since 2017, he's been on and off with social media personality India Royale. Despite breakup rumors in early 2020, they've publicly shown their affection, and in September 2020, there were hints at engagement. 

In May 2021, Lil Durk defended India Royale against false and disrespectful breakup reports, maintaining a protective and supportive stance in their relationship.

Who is Zayden Banks Mother?

Regrettably, there is no available information about Zayden Banks' mother online. Her name and any online presence, such as an Instagram account, remain undisclosed. 

Zayden was born several months after Lil Durk's second child, and Lil Durk had already separated from his long-term girlfriend, Nicole Covone, with whom he dated from 2008 until their split in 2013.

Despite the public details about Lil Durk's relationships, Zayden's mother has managed to keep her identity and online presence private.

Father, Lil Durk is a Famous Rapper

Lil Durk is a popular American rapper and songwriter. His real name is Durk Derrick Banks. Born on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, he rose to fame as a key figure in the drill music scene, known for its gritty and street-oriented lyrics. 

Lil Durk gained widespread recognition with his debut studio album, "Remember My Name," in 2015, which showcased his raw talent and introspective storytelling. 

He continued to make waves in the hip-hop industry with subsequent successful albums like "Lil Durk 2X" and "The Voice." Known for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, Lil Durk has solidified his position as a respected artist and a representative of Chicago's vibrant music culture.

How Many Siblings Does Zayden Banks Have? 

Zayden Banks is not an only child; he's a part of a lively family with five half-siblings. Two older sisters, Angelo Banks and Bella Banks, were born from Lil Durk's previous relationship with Nicole Covone.

Zayden Banks siblings
Image: Zayden Banks with his siblings. Source: Tuko News

In addition, there's Du'mier Banks, born in 2014, and Skyler Banks, whose parentage remains unconfirmed despite rumors connecting her to Lil Durk and Tameka Kute.

The youngest sibling, Willow Banks, arrived in October 2018, from Lil Durk's relationship with India Royale. Together, this blended family shares unique bonds and contributes to the joy and love in their lives.

Zayden Banks Instagram

Zayden Banks falls into the category of famous figures who don't shy away from sharing their children's lives on social media. Even though he has yet to reach his teenage years, Zayden is active on Instagram, where he boasts thousands of followers. While his Instagram account is private, he has over 24K Followers.

Lil Durk's early life experiences have instilled a strong commitment to raising Zayden Banks and his siblings to the best of his ability. Despite his past involvement in gang-related crimes and run-ins with the law, Lil Durk is making a conscious effort to clean up his act and be the best father he can be for Zayden and his other children.

Zayden Banks Net Worth in 2023

Zayden Banks is still a child and hasn't been involved in any sort of profession. So his net worth is still unknown. Talking about his father, Lil Durk has a net worth of $8 Million as of 2023.

Zayden Banks father
Image: Zayden Banks's father, Lil Durk. Source: Forbes

Lil Durk's rise to prominence in the music industry began with the release of his mixtape series "Signed to the Streets" in 2013. 

Additionally, he is the founder of the record label Only The Family (OTF), which has contributed to his financial success. With his continued success in the music world, it's possible that Lil Durk's net worth will continue to grow in the future.

When is Zayden Banks' Birthday? 

Zayden Banks was born on November 1, 2013, in the USA. In 2022, he celebrated his 9th birthday. 

Zayden is the third child of Lil Durk and was born a few months after the birth of Lil Durk's daughter, Bella. He holds American nationality and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Is Zayden Banks Following His Father's Footsteps? 

At the age of 7, it's only natural for Zayden to be enjoying his childhood without the pressures of a public career. While he's already a subject of interest due to his renowned father, Lil Durk, Zayden has been focused on his studies while his father is busy with his music career. 

It's entirely possible that in a few years, Zayden may choose to follow in his father's footsteps and explore a career in the music industry, given the family's musical background and his father's influence. However, for now, his main focus should be on experiencing the joys of childhood and learning and growing at his own pace.

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