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Osaka Boyfriend Middle Finger Controversy: What is the Fuss All About?

Published Mon Sep 14 2020 By Kenshinpark
Osaka Boyfriend Middle Finger Controversy: What is the Fuss All About?

Here's what you should know about Naomi Osaka's boyfriend's middle finger controversy. What happened in the field? Stay tuned to learn more.

Naomi Osaka is a professional Japanese tennis player who was born on October 16, 1997. Naomi is ranked #1 Women's Tennis player by WTA. Osaka, with her achievements, became the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles.

While talking about Naomi's achievements, the tennis player is a three-time Grand slam singles champion and is the reigning champion at the US Open, all these gains at the age of 22 years old.

Osaka was born in Japan to her Haitian father and a Japanese father; she lived and trained in the US since the age of three, and came to prominence in the tennis world at the age of sixteen. 

Naomi raked the first rank in WTA by defeating former US Open champion Samantha Stosur in her WTA tour debut at the 2014 Stanford Classic. No doubt, Osaka has done wonderfully in her career so far, and we all pretty much know about her career achievements.

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But how well d you know about Naomi's personal life? Do you know whom she is dating in 2020? Let's find out everything about her relationship and the recent middle finger controversy sparked by her boyfriend.

Naomi Osaka's Boyfriend, Who is the Star Tennis Player Dating in 2020?

Before we talk about Naomi Osaka's boyfriend's middle finger controversy, let's get to know him better first. The professional 22-year-old tennis player, Osaka, is dating her beau, Cordae.

Cordae, whose real name is Cordae Amari Dunston, used to go by the name YBN Cordae as he was a member of YBN Collective. The 23-year-old is a rapper and singer/songwriter who came into prominence for his mixtapes.

naomi osaka with her boyfriend cordae.

Osaka and Cordae started dating since 2018.
Photo Source: Instagram (link)

Cordae's some hit remixes include Eminem's 'My Name Is' and such; Moreover, the rapper released his first studio album, "The Lost Boy," in 2018.

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According to the reports, Cordae and Naomi Osaka started dating back in 2019. The rapper revealed he was not a big of tennis game himself and did not know Naomi was one of the best players there is. However, things have changed ever since Naomi and Cordae started dating; now, the rapper follows tennis more than any other sports.

Osaka Boyfriend Middle Finger Controversy; What's the Fuss About?

So, everybody is talking about Osaka boyfriend middle finger controversy, what happened? According to the reports, Cordae recently started a row with netizens when his picture with the star tennis player came out.

Noami won her third slam title following her fantastic play even though she was nursing a hamstring injury. Well, to celebrate the win, Cordae was also present at the event. 

The 23 year old rapper went out of line when he posted a picture of him and Naomi carrying the US Open trophy and honoring her "big bro" Kobe Bryant by wearing his jersey. All was perfect but Cordae showing the middle finger managed to piss people across the globe big time.

osaka boyfriend middle finger.

Osaka's boyfriend flipped middle finger while the couple posed for a picture following her US Open title win.
Photo Source: Twitter (link)

Following the same post, the rapper took to his Twitter account and added another controversial tweet, where he wrote,

"Ultra black, unapologetically black. No matter where I'm at. Forever."

After his "unpologetical" tweet, many people flocked to social media to vent out. While many of the tweets and comments were furious, some fans added a left a deep and constructive reply to rapper's message.

One fan wrote, "Being a power couple means conducting yourself in a respectable manner. You are role models. I wouldn't want my son flipping the birds as celebration. Please show our princess how to stand tall & own their space. That's a clown pose. Never do it again! I love how you love your girlf."

Another fan wrote, "Real nice pic. Flipping the finger with girlfriend. [Naomi Osaka], you condone this? Loved his shirt, defund the police? I give this relationship no chance to succeed. Naomi, congratulations on winning on the court, off it?"

You can see it for yourself, Osaka's boyfriend showing the middle finger was a big no no! And even we are surprise by this act! What was he thinking? Like one fan added, "he is making it about himself since he has never done anything in his life to this magnitude?" 

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