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New Survey Finds 30% Of Americans Would Give Up Sex For Netflix

Published Wed Feb 13 2019 By David
New Survey Finds 30% Of Americans Would Give Up Sex For Netflix

Netflix more obligatory than sex??

According to a survey done by HSI (a consumer consulting), Americans have a very strong affinity towards Netflix and they're not reserved when it comes to expressing themselves regarding their streaming habits and preferences. The online media service has more than 139 million (paid) subscribers extending across 190 countries, but this time HSI's survey was rather focused on stateside.

An approximate 500 Americans were asked about their Netflix bingeing habits against their bed activities with their love counterparts. Respondents were ranged in age from 18-to-54 years old and more than half (56%) were female with nearly 44% male.

Netflix making people forget sex
SOURCE: Complex

Surprisingly, those that responded to the survey really poured out their hearts. For example, when queried if they’d rather give up sex or streaming TV for one year, 70% said they'd drop watching Netflix for sex, while TV goers (30%) said they’d instead sacrifice the fornication for Netflix.

As for the matter concerning shared passwords, roughly 33% said they have used an ex’s Netflix password and 36% said ex has used theirs.

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Outrageous yet true, 10% even admitted to dating someone just to use their Netflix subscription, with especially millennials doing this more than any other age group. Talk about a digital influence.

Speaking of which, when it came to viewing patterns--the question over what to watch also has caused a few rough patches in relationships; again thanks to Netflix’s lavish arrays of genre choices. As per the survey, 33% said they’ve gotten into some verbal arguments over what to watch. Of those asked, married couples seemed more likely to argue over such matters as compared to those who were just dating.

This may interpret why more than half the surveyed people admit to Netflix cheating on a partner (this is when one partner watches episodes of a show alone or before their other partner thus breaking the promise to watch the show together). Though 92% responded they would be able to condone the bad faith led in by Netflix in either partner, 8% said they’d go for break up given found their partners watching the episodes without them.

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Could disagreements over what and when to watch actually end a relationship? Of those surveyed, 7% said they’ve ended a relationship based on what their partner preferred on Netflix. Well, things have taken their toll on even more ridiculous nonconformities.

So just how important is Netflix in a relationship? Roughly 33% say they spend all or most of their time with their significant others for the sole purpose of Netflix and chill while 67% claim they made sure their partner had the same Netflix tang as them--prior to a matter of commitment.  

This does make sense considering staying in is the new going out. The fancy date night for many is spent at home binge-watching favorite shows and movies. Going out seems mundane or so as it appears.

And despite recent price surge, Netflix remains a dominant streamer with a loyal legion of subscribers. Given that it wouldn’t be much of a surprise the company launching a dating site to match people with similar streaming tastes?  

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Thankfully, there’s no need to give up either Netflix or sex. It’s just a matter of picking a partner you can trust, one that won’t sabotage a truce of ‘watching-it-together.’